What You Need To Go BYOD
By : Nick Rojas

There are only two things you need to know to get an idea of the modern world. The first thing is that there are officially more gadgets on our planet than human beings. And, by the way, we reached the point of no return almost three years ago, which means that today the number of gadgets exceeds the number of people even more significantly. The second thing is that an average person checks their phone 110 times a day, and for some of us this number is as high as 900.

Given this, there is no wonder why we are so concerned about digital trends and their effect on our career and personal life. Let’s face it: we use gadgets at home, at work, and on our way from home to work. So it comes as no surprise why so much attention is given to trends and ideas aimed to optimize our usage of gadgets.

One of the recent digital trends that has got a lot of attention from both media and companies is only four letters long. Have you ever heard about BYOD? Chances are good that you have, but if not, feel free to use our hint. The abbreviation stands for ‘bring your own device,’ and its major goal is to help people balance their work and personal life by using the same gadget in office and at home. Sounds like not a big deal, right? But studies show that something as simple as that can make the world of difference to the way we live. If you feel skeptical, you should see the numbers. As much as 80 percent of companies already support the trend, while 78 percent of employers believe that it’s useful for a work-life balance.

It is sure great that such a simple solution can affect our productivity and quality of life in such a good way. But there is one catch. There is a risk associated with data protection. There are serious security concerns, and employees should understand the legal and moral part of the problem. Once a gadget is stolen and corporate data is not protected, the entire business can get compromised. And while it is true that devices of the future are already here with us, and popular smartphones can be locked remotely once stolen, there is still a need for soft that protects sensitive information. By a good chance, there are mobile device management tools, also known as MDMs, that allow us to access corporate data safely.


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