The Benefits of Guest Posting
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Though some may think otherwise, SEO isn’t a zero sum game. In other words, it’s not necessary for a competing site to lose page views in order for you to gain them. Guest blogging proves that you can generate a significant amount of synergy by lending your words to another site. There are so many advantages to guest blogging that it’s almost impossible to enumerate all of them. However, a few major benefits stick out when you take an objective look at the potential upside of posting on other websites.

Increased Traffic and Page Views

One of the best reasons to employ guest blogging in your marketing campaigns is also the most obvious. You can easily pull in loads of traffic by branching out and broadcasting your message in other forums aside from your own website. Even short-terms bursts in traffic can ultimately be beneficial in the long run. Your article or blog post doesn’t have to be an evergreen type of composition that’ll yield residual traffic for months or years to be worth the effort. A solid guest post can still generate a substantial number of email newsletter sign-ups and click-through if you play your cards right.


Reaching a Wider Audience

Even if your guest blogging efforts don’t yield immediate traffic spikes, they’re still a great way to get exposure to a broader audience online. Your long-term goal should be to leave a lasting impression so that your name is more easily recognized by readers in your niche. Guest blogging can quickly lead to further opportunities to get the word out about your own blog. When other webmasters see your authoritative posts on websites of note, they’ll look into creating guest blogging deals with you to keep the quality content coming.


Building Authority

You’ve no doubt heard about Google’s Penguin Update by now. If you need a summary of the changes wrought by Penguin, here’s a quick refresher. According to many SEO professionals, Penguin negatively impacts bloggers that pay for article placement and tends to reward those who use guest blogging to increase the quality of their content. Guest blogging is a far more natural form of organic linking that has long-lasting positive effects on PageRank, perceived authority, visibility and quality SEO. In an increasingly competitive SEO world, every bit of link juice counts. If your goal is to increase your rankings in the organic SERPs, guest blogging is the quickest route to sustainable results.


The Final Word

To get the most out of guest blogging, it’s imperative that you publish your content on sites that are complementary to your own. Overall, you’ll want to reach out to websites that have a similar purpose as your own. In the post-Penguin world, you can’t fake your way to relevance. If your posts don’t contribute true value to both your own site and the site you’re guest blogging on, you’re wasting your time. Put your best foot forward and deliver exceptional content, and you’ll find that guest blogging is well worth the additional time and effort you invest in it.


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