Digital Marketing Services

SETALKS is your digital marketing services partner. We use proven digital marketing and sales solutions to help you attract and nurture qualified leads to serve your business goals. Our digital marketing strategy begins by taking into account all aspects of your business so that we can clearly define who you are, where you stand and where you want to go. That’s when we plan how to get you there. Our processes are your roadmap to success.

Inbound marketing services

Inbound marketing can generate business leads at a much lower acquisition cost than outbound marketing. It is all about pulling in the right customers to your company through compelling and brilliant content offers.

A detailed buyer persona development process allows us to become experts in who your buyers are, what they love, where they spend time online and how they make their buying decisions.

  • Publish keyword optimized blogs and run automated email campaigns.
  • Ensure maximum results by promoting the right content at the right place and time.
  • Enhance your marketing efforts with customized inbound marketing programs.

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SEO Consulting Services

We create powerful search strategies for companies across the globe to help propel them up the rankings, thereby increasing leads and conversions.

When your target audience is searching online, do they find you or your competitors? Our customized SEO consulting service ensures that you are being found online. Getting ROI on your SEO investment is our top priority.

  • Develop a technically sound and crawlable platform.
  • Craft content that speaks the language of search engines.
  • Engage your audience again, and again.

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Link Building service

Whether you are a new company in a niche industry or an established one in a highly competitive market, we can help you with a variety of link building services to fit the specific needs of your business.

We use guest blogging, competitor backlink research, 404 reclamation, resource links, directory links, infographic placements, keyword mentions and a number of other methods to build a strong backlink profile for your company.

  • Create compelling reasons to ‘attract’ new links.
  • Create a buzz around your brand and get people talking.
  • Build links in relevant, high-quality sites.

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Google Penguin and Panda Penalty Recovery Services

We help you regain your original rankings in SERP with our Penguin and Panda recovery service. Get your promotion and link-building efforts back on track. The right recovery service is crucial for the success of your business as these penalties can have a huge impact on traffic and conversions.

  • Recover lost rankings, traffic, leads and sales.
  • Get your profits back to previous levels or higher.

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Moosa Hemani stands out for many reasons, but one is simply for his exceptional desire to contribute to the SEO community through his writing and participation in social media. You would be hard pressed to find a highly-visible SEO site that he has not contributed to in way. He is also a truly nice guy, which always impresses me. There’s no ego, but there is confidence. I’d be honoured to have the chance to work with Moosa.

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