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The way potential customers view your brand can make a huge difference to your business. With our Reputation management services let us help you change negative perception to positive and let customers to put their trust in you.

Integrity and honesty are essential, but they are not enough. Your company may be the best in the business, living up to its values of transparency and integrity, but there will still be occasions when you have dissatisfied customers and employees who would love to throw dirt at your business online. Remember, the more expensive your product, the more it is likely that people will look for reviews before they make a purchase. With the help of our reputation management services we can help your brand set the right tone and image.

Reputation management can boost your online visibility, build your brand equity and create advocacy for your business. Our monitoring services can give you a deep understanding of how others perceive your brand, and the necessary measures that need to be undertaken to change and modeling your brand perception.

Personal Reputation

With the ease of social media, Personal Attacks have become very easy these days. One negative review about you can have a significant influence on your image. We can help you take to control of your online appearance and portray in the most accurate and positive manner.

Business Reputation

Negative reviews can have a damaging impact on business especially when they appear on the first page of search engine results for brand related queries. When a Business is faced with a situation like this, we either suppress it by pushing negative reviews down in search results or attempt removal.

Review combat

Being radically open for feedback and criticism for your product or services comes with a heavy price. It can even lead to damaging impact on your online credibility and substantial loss of sales. We can assist you shape positive perception by countering bad reviews like google my business, yelp, etc. and increasing brand good will.

Our Reputation Management services include brand building, rebranding, brand protection, social media optimization and reputation management. We provide solutions that enable customers to put their trust in you. Let us help you make your first impression the very best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which major search engines affect online reputations?

Google is leading the game as it has the highest number of users. There are over 1 trillion pages in their index and these increase by the billions every day. Google is then followed by Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AltaVista which are the next top five search engine spots.

How long does it take for reputation management to give results?

This varies according to the nature of the attack. Depending on the volume of negative content,we determine how long it takes for noteworthy results relating to your online reputation to develop. This could range anywhere from a few days, weeks to a few months.

Why is online reputation management important for my business?

If you take control of your online presence, it enables you to put the best possible image of yourself before the online people. Our reputation management service allows you to control what people see when they search for you, your brand or your business. It also protects your image against any unwanted negative content that is published online as this highly effects your ranking on the first few pages of Google.

Do search engines play an important role in online reputation?

If there is a negative review of a company ranking on the search engines, it can discourage users from visiting their site or purchasing a product or service from that company. This eventually prevents customers from using your services, and they prefer your competitors who don’t have negative reviews or information online. So Search engines are the key drivers in making or breaking an online reputation.

Will you completely eliminate all of the negative reviews on the Web?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We do not commit to eliminating the negative review. However, a request can be made to the webmaster to eliminate the negative info, but this is certainly not possible in every situation and thus cannot be guaranteed.

What should I do if something negative shows up?

You would surely be angry and upset, and you would want to retaliate by replying aggressively. Avoid it! It will only make things worse. We at SEtalks, devise a strategy and address the matter professionally. Most importantly, we work on creating excellent content and are very active on all platforms. This eventually pushes the negative material down and moves it from the first page of Google.

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