Penguin & Panda Recovery Service

The search engine landscape has gone through major changes over the last few years. Google has introduced several updates in their various algorithms that penalize websites and webpages that use unsatisfactory search engine optimization practices.

Google and other search engines are continuously trying to provide users with hyper-relevant search results, remove spam and other low-quality content by improving their algorithms.

The problem is, although these updates have achieved their goal of penalizing sites that violate quality search guidelines, but they have also had an adverse impact on several other sites that use White Hat SEO.

Have you been hit by Panda?

The google panda algorithm is all about what’s on your website. It assesses your site’s content and structure, and penalizes websites for content that is deemed manipulative. Even if some of your pages have been hit by Google gPanda, this can affect search engine rankings for all your pages. The Google penalties include;

Thin content: If you have too many pages with thin content, the algorithm will flag it as low quality for users.

Duplicate content: Whether its copied content from other websites, or duplicate content on various pages of your site – both are considered to be low quality.

Over optimization: This ranges from too many over optimized links to keyword stuffed content.

Our team of Google Panda penalty recovery experts use a variety of analysis tools for a complete website audit to understand where the problem is.

To devise a strategy, we

* Analyze your site’s complete backlink profile

* Assess internal and external anchor text ratios

* Evaluate blog and copy content

* Investigate over optimization

* Check duplicate content or plagiarism


Have you been hit by Penguin?

The Google penguin algorithm, created in April 2012, was launched to locate and demote websites that use unnatural links to improve their rankings in Google.


Some examples of unnatural links are;

* Links in directories that were made for the sole purpose of obtaining a link

* Links from low quality article syndication sites

* Links for bookmarking sites

* Paid links that do not have a “nofollow” tag attached to them.

* Links from widespread guest posting campaigns

Here’s what we do to help for Google Penguin penalty recovery,

Backlink audit – We will give your website a thorough backlink audit. It’s not enough to just go after the worst links. The only sites that have completely recovered from Penguin are ones that do a complete link cleanup. Our backlink audit gathers your links to review each one manually and make a recommendation on disavowing.

On-site modifications – Although quality backlinks are the most important part of Penguin recovery, there could be spam on your web pages too. This is why we evaluate your home page and several inner pages to determine whether there are problems with cloaking, keyword stuffing or other webspam issues.

Let us help you start recovery as soon as possible.

It’s important to clean up your website now so you can start pulling in visitors and revenue again. We will leave no stone unturned to get you back to profitability. Want to know more? Get in touch.

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