Why businesses should consider optimizing their YouTube Videos
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Optimizing Youtube Videos

When Steve Chan, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim launched YouTube in February 2005, they didn’t know that it’ll turn into the third most visited website in the world. Everyone who has access to the internet knows YouTube. Billions of videos are uploaded on the website every day. Is your business making use of this medium to market itself? If not, you need to make a YouTube channel and optimize those videos to get maximum exposure from its viewers.

Online marketing is now increasingly done via video content, yet despite this popularity of videos, nobody is paying attention to the optimization part. If a business is already investing time and resources in creating videos that attract the audience, why aren’t they thinking about taking some extra steps to make these videos easier to find?

Once a business is able to master this art of video optimization, YouTube videos will have a lot to offer. Every day, people watch hundreds of millions of YouTube videos on their favorite topics which generate billions of views for those videos. According to fortunelords:

  • The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000.
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.
  • YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day

If your brand has a strong presence on YouTube, the impact will be great on your views. You can engage with millions of visitors and loyal subscribers via this platform and market your brand while staying true to your theme.

SEO benefits of YouTube


The video giant can offer your business some direct SEO benefits. In the search engine result pages (SERPs), you can rank your videos on the basis of relevance. Google has always paid attention to user experience and will show you the content you are looking for. That’s why SEO efforts for your YouTube videos can bring out the best for your business in the long run.

This is the reason why you see YouTube videos in the search results on Google. If your videos are optimized well, they can appear high on Google search as well as YouTube search, the latter being termed as the second largest search engine in the world.

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Google knows that for a certain query, users may find a video more helpful than an article. You can establish your brand as an expert in the field by using search engine optimization for video. Once you get people to view your videos, you have unlimited opportunities to convert them into customers, make them subscribe to your channel, visit your company website or follow your other social profiles.

Ranking factors for YouTube videos:

Just like Google, YouTube has its own set of search algorithms. They decide the order in which video results get displayed to you. Here are some strong factors which can adjust these rankings as per algorithm:

  • Relevant keywords
  • Number of subscribers on your channel
  • Feedback on your videos like comments likes and follows
  • Watch time of the videos or views
  • Length of the videos

To optimize your videos for search, you must keep these factors in mind. They have a key role in making your videos a success.

Content is king

Content is king on YouTube as well, so make sure you create good content which people haven’t seen before. Great content has a direct correlation with your optimization efforts. It’s impossible to generate views without good content.

Remember that a YouTube viewer is not on your channel to buy or learn from your brand. They might have just visited to look at your video by reading the title or looking at the visual.

Your brand will not benefit much if you misguide the viewer and trick them into buying from your business rather than showing them what the search result offered. You can include these types of videos:

Emotional: Why do cute baby videos or cat videos win more hearts than a very well-directed ad? Because they evoke the emotions of love and warmth and people love watching them. The most inspirational and effective videos are those which have a strong message that pulls at the strings of people’s heart.

Take a look at Gilette’s #UseYourAnd Ad which went viral. It changed brand perception and inspired thousands of people.

Educational: YouTube is full of people who want to learn how to do something. YouTube tutorials are always sought after since they are free and educational. Your business can also incorporate this element and attract more viewers.

Perhaps they want information on running a software or installing an update, or they want to know how to draw something. Makeup artists are a big hit on YouTube for similar reasons. You can shoot short lectures, webinars and even live stream an event for people to see. All of these videos matter to the relevant audience and your efforts will attract them.

Learning is a YouTube trait, that’s how people became professionals on the platform; by educating the masses. There are 500M views of learning-related content on YouTube every day. People aren’t just watching—they’re engaging: 1M learning videos are shared every day. These viewers are learning from a library larger than the Library of Congress. And unlike that library, this one is global: Over 50% of learning-related videos are uploaded outside of the U.S.

Google should know what your video is about:

YouTube and Google have left this one on you. They want you to make them understand what the video is about. You have to provide them with relevant information so they can make informed decisions about ranking your video. To optimize your video in the best way for Google to understand, here are some of the things you can do:


The title of the video has to be very attractive and must carry a keyword. The shorter the title, the better it is for ranking. Find the right keywords for your video.

Don’t stuff tags:

Use relevant keywords and refrain from stuffing. YouTube will look at your video’s watch time at the end of the day, so there’s no need to put tags without any purpose. If you mislead Google, it won’t do you any good.

Write descriptions:

You have uploaded a YouTube video with so much effort, so why not write an appealing description for it too?  If you are writing a few sentences to describe that video, it is not good for SEO.

Take some time to write a long and descriptive text under your videos to explain what it is about. A few lines are not enough. Don’t think that a few hundred words are a lot. You can either write in paragraph style or explain in pointers.

This space is ideal for relevant keywords. This will have a great impact on your Google and YouTube search rankings. Identify those keywords and use them in your description.

Tagging and titles:

Tagging is very necessary. Titles and tags have a major role in making your videos more discoverable on YouTube and on the SERPs. YouTube does not have a way of understanding videos currently, so you can associate them with text to direct the message.

If you are looking to rank for certain keywords, titles and tags are your best shot. Try your best to avoid irrelevant tags, since they can be misguiding. Use business-related tags to maintain a healthy brand reputation. Due to a large number of fake views being used by people on YouTube, views don’t appear on the front page feature. YouTube prefers ‘watch time’ overviews now, and you should be able to attract that.


Tags and titles are a good way to optimize your YouTube videos, but they are not the only ways to add text to your videos. Uploading and transcribing closed-captioning files on all of your videos can greatly assist in your optimization efforts.

Closed-captioned videos allow more information in more formats, so they have a chance of ranking higher. According to your preference or need, you can upload the closed-captions on a video and increase its ranking on your channel. T

Calls to action

Now that you have attracted a viewer to your video, you don’t want them to click their way out to watch a new video which has nothing to do with your business. That’s why; your video must have a strong call to action which can catch the attention of a viewer. You don’t always have to apply clickbait techniques to get more views; good calls to action can accomplish the task with more value.

If you have a visitor, it is the perfect time to make your call to action and show them what else your business has to offer. When you are creating your YouTube annotation, keep it relevant and useful to the viewer. If it seems like the annotation is there to benefit your business and distract the viewer, he or she won’t take long before bouncing off the video. You need to maintain a reputation of your business and don’t want to make it look less credible. If you need more tips regarding this topic, YouTube also provides a set of best practices which you can follow.

Promoting the video:

The final step in the optimization process is promoting your video. Once you have made sure that your video is fully prepared for online exposure, you need to put it out there and encourage more views. Of course, social media has a great role to play in the promotion of your brand’s content.

You can embed the video on your blog or website to promote. You can share the video URL on your other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles. If your brand is really active on social media, you can engage your followers and make them watch your YouTube videos.

When you reply to follower queries and comment on their posts, they will also feel obliged to comment and share your videos. More comments and reactions to your video can even put it on YouTube’s trending list.

YouTube leaderboard:

If your brand is walking that extra mile to optimize videos and maintain a follower base, YouTube will not ignore that. Google supports good user experience, so it publishes a monthly leaderboard of best video ads run by brands. Right now, the number one ad belongs to GoPro.

“As brands continue to blur the line between advertiser and creator, we want to recognize those brands that regularly publish content—paid or otherwise—to build an engaged fan base,” Google said in a blog post.

YouTube looks at the videos with the most watch time, repeated viewers and likes and shares. GoPro has been publishing videos which have attracted a lot of people, garnering 1,464,930,975 views and 4,838,403 subscribers. Since they sell the ‘world’s most versatile camera’, they upload videos which match the promise. By staying true to their slogan, they encourage people to buy the camera and also support the videos. Here is the video which topped the leaderboard by Google.

Six Pack Shortcuts

Number two on the same leaderboard was Six Pack Shortcuts, which is run by owner Mike Chang. Mike uploads extreme tutorials related to abs which were considered so dangerous by YouTube that his channel was once suspended by the website. Mike mentioned this in a blog post and urged his fan base to request YouTube to bring the channel back.

If you were helped by any of our videos, PLEASE send YouTube an email asking them to reinstate our account. These suspensions are triggered by an automated system, and it’s VERY common for YouTube to mistakenly suspend legitimate accounts by accident. But they will re-instate the account if enough people contact them to let them know they want the channel back.

Eventually, his account got back to work and was chosen by YouTube itself as the second best on the leaderboard. If you are a gym person, you will love Mike’s videos.

Last word:

YouTube is a great place to showcase your business. People love spending time watching YouTube videos, so your brand can upload videos which perform the function of entertainment and marketing. When you post good content, rest follows. However, optimization for search should be your priority if you want to unlock the full benefits of this platform.

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