One Factor That Keeps Small Businesses Away From Their Potential Customers
By : danizehra

Why do customers buy from a brand? First and foremost, the reason why a customer buys something is because they find it profitable for their needs or use. Unfortunately, most marketing and sales departments overlook this little human instinct and keep blabbering about how they are ‘better than others’ with their product offerings. This is extremely insufficient reason for a customer to ponder over a product which seemingly benefits the marketing department but not them.

That’s why, in order to gain more attention and sales, you should communicate the benefits of a product or service to the potential customer. Blogging is a great way of start this communication. A blog is your big platform to be as creative as you want, while subtly inserting marketing and promoting messages as well.

Consider the example of The Pipeline blog by Tibor Shanto. Tibor is an experienced business coach, who provides special training services to small business owners and managers. He has trained hundreds of people, who found him useful thanks to his blogposts.

While educating his audience on topics like decision making in business, he also gathers customers who want to be trained by his services. Tibor doesn’t say he is the best coach in the market, instead, he uses his blog to display his skills.

As the nature of a shopper changes day by day, constantly punctuated by the ups and advances in technology, it is the job of a seller to display their unique selling point USP in the best possible way. This obviously requires identifying your USP first, with the help of professional services or an intense brainstorming session.

Here are some major reasons why potential customers are staying away from your blog:


Your content is not valuable

Do not ignore the fact that good blogs have have something interesting and valuable to share.  You can’t describe your unique selling point with sloppy writing. If you are using copywriting services, hire the best ones.

If you do this in-house, manage to come up with good writing on all these posts. It can be possible that users don’t find you a serious investment because of the frequent grammatical errors, mismatched paragraphs and lack of context.

If you have good ideas but can’t manage to write them well, consider hiring an editor who can smoothen up the pieces for you. Teamwork produces dream work if everyone works in an atmosphere of trust and harmony. Check out this post to get inspiration from companies that are doing a great job blogging.


You are inconsistent

Being inconsistent is a crime in the blogging world. You need to make a blogging plan or a blogging calendar if you think you face writer’s block.  If you have converted the casual reader into a dedicated subscriber by creating beautiful posts and content, they wouldn’t want to stick around for longer if you don’t make more.

Getting people to subscribe to your blog by showing them new content is great, but you should make this relationship stronger by posting frequently. In a benchmarking study of 7,000 businesses, Hubspot found out the following:

  • Companies that blog 15 or more times per month get 5X more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all.
  • Companies that increase blogging from 3-5X/month to 6-8X/month almost double their leads.

Make a plan and stick to it religiously if you want your blogging efforts to bear fruit. If timing is really an issue, you can begin with one post a week and then keep extending your posts over time.


Your blog isn’t share-able

You are not the only one who can share these blogposts on social media, right? If you are spending time and money on creating unique content, give your users a chance to share these posts on their social media. Which means, you will have to include sharing buttons on your blog. This is what they look like:

This will work as indirect promotion of your posts. You can find potential customers via word of mouth, which is considered a solid sales booster in marketing. Including infographics, embedding YouTube videos and vivacious photos gives your blog a higher chance of getting shared on social mediums.


Your blog isn’t customized for search

Websites and blogs need to be optimized for search. This doesn’t only benefit rankings, but also reminds search engines that you are user-friendly and want users to benefit from your content and services. Each blogpost you post is a window to the SERPs.

Google and other search engine crawlers tour your pages for content and various other elements. A properly optimized site has better chances of gaining Google’s nod of approval. Maybe your traffic is low because you didn’t think about search engine optimizing. The average company will get a 45% growth in traffic when they increase their blogposts on the blog.

This is like seeding, and if you continue to publish good posts, they will continue to rake in visitors and potential customers over time.


You don’t promote your blog

The final question: how do you expect people to know that your blog exists? Even the fruit cart owner on the street calls out to people that apples are $1 per pound. You have to promote your blog in order to spread out the word about it.

The first thing you can do is to highlight that on your main website on the menu bar. It helps in gaining clicks and traffic. Other than that, you have to promote your blogposts to the internet audience.

Imagine of your blog as a product and think of marketing your blog first. Make an email list of subscribers who are already receiving promotional emails from you from your main site. Send out weekly post updates to these subscribers, or include an ‘on the blog this week’ section on your main newsletter.

Share your posts on social media, to engage organic audience. When you have to market your blog, you will think of some solid strategies to bring your blog out in the world. You just have to stop thinking that users will pour in by themselves.

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