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A huge chuck of consumers look for the attorney online. Imagine, what if your website fail to be found? Inevitably, you will lose a huge chunk of potential leads. That is why it is crucial to invest in Law firm SEO services. We have the wealth of experience and the needed expertise to get the job done. SETalks can bring your law firm to the limelight with the proven SEO solutions.

96% of potential clients use search engines to seek legal advice and search for law firms. If your business doesn’t have a high SERP, you will lose business!

Our experts know how to improve your ranking and boost your website conversion rate. We employ tested methods to deliver a customized and actionable SEO strategy for your business.

Increase your qualified leads by getting SETalks onboard

Why settle for satisfactory when you can have the best? Invest in SETalks today to benefit from our expertise in local SEO, link building and keyword ranking.

Gain high visibility

We boost your search engine ranking within the local pack to ensure that your business receives the consistent visibility needed to attract profitable clients.

Outrank your competition 

Every project is a separate canvas to us. Our experts first conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis to identify your key rival’s strengths and weaknesses. After it, we identify the loopholes that stop you from getting ahead of the competitors’. After a thorough analysis, a strategy is then creating to outrank your competitors and make you more visible on search engines.

Boost your revenue

We leverage your strengths as a business to boost your ROI while keeping your costs in check.

Achieve guaranteed boost in your online presence and ROI with SETalks

We help transform your law firm from being just another fish in the pond into a force to be reckoned with. The following services are offered to generate leads and revenue.

Strategic Planning

Our SEO specialists understand the importance of planning. This is why we begin each of our projects by conducting strategic planning. In this time, we take a proactive role in understanding your company and its goals from inside out. We analyze your site’s current performance and research on your competitors to benchmark their performance against yours.

Keyword Analysis

eywords are at the heart of any SEO strategy. Your business must be present when people search for relevant keywords. We boost your online presence with the help of consistent listings that prove to search engines that you are the right option within that particular geographical location. We identify the high-ranking keywords in your sector and analyze your usage of them if any. This helps our specialists in deciding on a keyword strategy for your content.

Technical optimization

Before implementing a customized strategy, it is crucial first to build a solid SEO foundation. We conduct a thorough on-site SEO to boost your website’s structure and speed. This involved optimizing internal linking, dealing with broken pages and images, enhancing page speed, and improving the site architecture.

Local SEO optimization

Most law firms are local businesses. This is why law firms must be explicitly optimized for local searchers. We provide your law firm with a reputable, credible and consistent presence in local searches by optimizing your Google My Business page, building local citation and infusing local keywords.

Content creation and marketing

The best way to establish your company as an expert is through quality content. Our creative writers take it upon themselves to deliver comprehensive, relevant and optimized content for your website. We format it to ensure easy readability while simultaneously cohesively using keywords.

Strategy monitoring

Once we have put our SEO plan in action, we closely monitor the results of the strategy. This allows us to take timely action when we detect changes in the macro environment. Our customized strategies are flexible enough to incorporate changes and alterations.

Increase your clientele base by using the right SEO services. Become the most sought-after law firm in your area by leveraging your online presence. Get in touch with our experts today and transform your firm for the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know about the progress of the campaign?

Here at SETalks, we value transparency. This is why we deliver regular reports. These reports will help you measure the health of the campaign. Our specialists will help you decode various metrics if required.

How will I know the SEO services are working?

At SETalks, we strive to be transparent about our services. We will provide you with a detailed report about the results of our SEO practices.

Will you manage our Law firm’s presence in the long-run or do your offer one-time services?

SEO is an ongoing process. And we will remain committed to you for the long-haul. It is our job to ensure a high SERP for your firm. We will monitor the campaign constantly to ensure that your ranking is maintained.

How would you establish our firm as the best solution for our clients? 

We understand that a law firm’s success is based on its expertise. This is why we have a team who is well-versed on the law industry and understand the legal implications of their actions. With our knowledge, we can create content that establishes your firm as the best law firm in town.

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