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When we think of fashion, we can’t help but visualize elaborate runways, super glamorous models and luxury fashion brands like Gucci and Versace. Fashion industry, unarguably, is all glitz, glamour and money, and people associated with it are always looking their best, no matter what.

Some ten years ago, people who were part of the style biz were considered  unapproachable and unmatchable. But then thankfully, the need for fashion blogging came up, and gave an opportunity to the average fashion lover to step up and give influential brands some competition.

Fashion blogging made it big in the digital world about a decade ago and now we commonly spot these fashion bloggers occupying the front row seats at fashion shows and bagging expensive advertisement deals with famous brands.

Upon research, we found that being a part of the coveted fashion industry is not as tough as it may seem. There are numerous sub sections within the fashion world and you and I can very much be a part of it too.

So where should people who are passionate about writing and publishing fashion-related posts, start? Look at the following basic steps to help you sail through the early months of your blogging journey:


Define a unique point

Why do you want to start/run a fashion blog? This should be the first and foremost question on your mind. Just like 90% businesses fail in the first year, 95% or more blogs also die down in the first few months. The only factor that will keep your fashion blog thriving will be your enthusiasm and direction.

Just like brands have to make a unique selling point (USP), you also need to pick your unique points. Without a direction, you will keep firing aimlessly in the abyss of the World Wide Web.


“If you’re a blogger just starting out, I would start with asking yourself the question why. What’s your point of differentiation? There’s a great rule of thumb: No one needs another _______. Come up with a really compelling reason as to why you’re doing something.” –Raina Penchansky”

So, if you just start off and don’t plan the future of your blog, there is a high probability of you being unsuccessful. The best way to avoid failure is to plan in advance and chalk out a theme of your blog.


Determine your audience

It’s essential to determine the audience of your blog. You simply can’t assume that fashion related people will find their way to your blog by default. So, it’s a great idea to take help from other fashion bloggers or bring something new to the blogosphere.

For example, the author of Curvy Fashionista, one of the leading blogs in the fashion niche, writes exclusively for plus size people who love dressing up. Thus, it completely separates the type of audience for the blog.

Therefore, when you decide to send out a message to your target audience, you will use elements that suit your target audience. In this example, the blogger posts photos of plus-sized products and how curvy women can also rock an outfit just like size zero ladies.

In any niche, audience segmentation is very important. In the future, if you plan on spreading your content via newsletter, you can use this segmentation to your advantage. Many bloggers have now started their own fashion lines, been on the cover of famous magazines and landed huge deals with brands just by being themselves and showing their uniqueness to their audience.


Create high-quality content

Just like any other niche, content plays a pivotal role in this one as well. In the fashion world, it’s mandatory to publish posts that are rich in visual content. To make the process easier, we suggest you make a blogging calendar so you can keep up with the trends and plan your posts in advance.

Chart out all the fashion events in your area, mark the famous events in your locality and write  about them. Fashion bloggers also publish monthly/weekly shopping lists and showcase their favorite outfits of the season or from their favorite brands. This can also land you in the spotlight. If you keep sticking to your theme and publicize a brand, chances are that the brand would notice it too on the social media and do a partnership with you.



This is your fashion blog, so it makes all the sense to put your face on it. You can’t run a fashion blog by simply sitting backstage and giving people the impression that you are fake. Good photos work like a charm. Therefore, you might have to invest in a very good camera or make use of a professional photographer’s services. The higher the quality of your photos, the more chances of people getting attracted to your posts. Once again, there are a million themes to choose from.

how to promote fashion blog

Taria-ann Verburgt of Survivor on Stilettos

You can either try out all the fashion trends on yourself or post about famous celebrities sporting the ongoing dresses and accessories. Good photographs and videos can portray your message in a far better way.


“There are a lot of steps involved in being successful, but the most important thing is just focusing on your content. To take it to the next level, you need consistency [in terms of publishing regularly] and make sure you have clear photos. Your content will speak for itself.”- Gabi Fresh”


Know your blog rules

As a dedicated blogger, you should set some basic rules of the game as it will be beneficial  for your blogging career and will help you a great deal out once you pick up pace. What goes and what stay out of your blog is also to be finalized by you.

It is your domain and you decide what happens in it. When you set out some basic rules in the beginning of your writing/blogging journey, you can work more comfortably instead of repeating the same old mistakes again.


“When a company wants to send you product, be firm with what you want. Ask them if they are looking for empty eyeballs or emotional resonance. Empty eyeballs are just views on a page. If the answer is emotional resonance, then maybe they’re more willing to help you out.”- Jannel Therese”


Be yourself and be proud of it

If you want to be successful in this niche, be proud of yourself. You can become an icon in the society by being your true self. There shouldn’t be any hesitation in what you choose to write and what you choose to wear.

When you stick to your style, people will notice you more. The reason why hijabi bloggers and bloggers of color are getting more popular is because they don’t hesitate to put their whole self to the table.

“The thing to know is that you should really be discriminating about what is encompassed in your personal style, and what you want to pursue professionally. I think a lot of people make the mistake of doing everything, and diluting their own vision and their own approach toward fashion. You have to learn to say no.”

Nicolette Fresh

In order to spread word about your posts and your blog in general, you will have to take the longer route. This involves building relationships, being active on social media and staying in contact with other bloggers in your niche.


Instagram is your best friend

Since this industry depends on visuals, it’s substantial to maintain an Instagram account which should be built to kill. Fashion bloggers work really hard for that one photo which will look perfect on Instagram.

Trendsetters like Kim Kardashian have made it big by using Instagram in their favor, and it really does pay off. In the old edition, Instagram didn’t let you share links in bio, but that too has changed now. Now, you can not only share links, but make sure they are opened using Instagram’s newest in-app browsing feature.

Bloggers can have their posts opened and read without further ado. Users can then take actions to follow the post in the in-app browser, or opt out to another browser using an extension.

Reposting apps make the deal even easier. People can share your photos with your post’s details mentioned underneath them. This way, the word can go out about your recent posts. Hashtags on Instagram also serve a great purpose of bringing your post high visibility. When you start putting relevant hashtags on your posts, you will notice a vast difference in your likes and comments.


Monitor social media extensively

It goes without saying that you need to monitor social media extensively for your fashion blog and for chalking out trends as well. The fashion world may have a major breakthrough overnight, and to stay on top of your game, you need to stay alert.  Nothing will hurt your reputation as much as keeping mum about the latest gossip in the fashion sphere.

Another important aspect of blogging is choosing the right social medium. For example, in the fashion niche, it matters a lot to have an eye-catching Pinterest profile, a themed Instagram profile, preferably a Facebook page and a razor-sharp blog. Having a Twitter is necessary as well, but for relationship building and capturing new trends early on. Therefore, don’t waste time on the wrong channels.

Your time and money should be spent on all the right channels to promote your blog posts. You have to be where the top influencers are, and make them notice your blog or even like  your posts.


Google Alerts

If you have a unique blog name, you can add Google Alerts for that name. This way, Google will send you an email every time a person searches your blog by name. You can keep Google Alerts by any search phrase. You can even reach out to people who search your blog and build credibility.


Outreach/Link building

The link building strategy can make all the difference to your blogging career. You will live and thrive by the company you keep on the interwebs especially in the fashion niche where contacts are everything. To a luxury brand, you will be the influencer who can be approached for a shoutout, but you need influencers for your own brand as well. These influencers are fashion bloggers just like you, who can work with you to attract audiences. These bloggers can retweet or share your posts and be friends with you in the long run.

You will realize that the blogging world is not made for people who like to do everything alone. You need to have friends and make lasting relationships with brands and fellow bloggers to succeed in this field. This way, your content will always be in the spotlight and people will be bound to hear about you from one source or the other.


Collaborate and shout out

In great blogging relationships, you can collaborate with another famous fashionista for a guest post on their blog or ask him/her to write posts for your own blog. People also do YouTube collabs, but since your blog is your true identity, it will be better to collaborate on a post to get maximum traffic.

You can have a photo shoot, a tutorial video or even an open interview. This way, people will get to know more about both of you and it will be a win-win for both bloggers.


Last word

There are many ways of writing about an event, capturing a photo and designing an outfit, but your true personality can be the best judge of it. If you have got what it takes to be a fashion blogger, you’ll publish posts that depict you as a true icon.

Many bloggers build their brands around their blogs because they channel their true persona into them. Never try to be something everyone wants you to be. If you feel comfortable in your skin, you will create something that no one else has.

This advice might sound very cliched, because ‘be your true self’ has been told so many times that it has lost its meaning. However, when you work this way, your passion will show itself in your work and people will be compelled to notice it.

Don’t take projects that contradict your personality. Don’t accept collaborations that may violate your rules and principles. All of this will only further your blogging goals. If you are doing what you love, money and fame will eventually follow.

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