Technical SEO Audit for Ecommerce Website

Getting a clear idea of your website’s performance through our ecommerce website audit service. Take the initiative to get an overview of the performance of your business and spot the necessary changes that make your website strong enough for online competition.

If you are an Ecommerce business, an audit helps you to identify your valuable assets, discover new product ideas, improve site navigation, generate more site traffic, and earn more sales. Regardless of the industry, you’re in, or the tenure of your company, our Website Audit Services are essential to the fiscal success of your Ecommerce business.

For people, an audit might be a scary, intimidating and daunting word. In reality, conducting a business audit helps give the perception of business performance, the idea of changes to be made, and shows that your website is performing as per the expectations.

In the same way, you’d produce a business plan to recognize your brand objectives and strategies, our website audit service helps you evaluate key operations within your business that could contribute to accounting anomalies, irregularities or even fraud. For your Ecommerce business, this is very critical because everything is done online.

Our Ecommerce website Audit helps you to keep ahead of the game, so you aren’t unknowingly undercut by your competitors. We give you a good grasp of how to optimize your business when going forward!

Do you want to see a spike in both organic traffic and conversions? Then you need to make sure your site is as well-optimized. How do you do this? Easy! With our Ecommerce website Audit.

Ecommerce analytics

Rather than delivering a one-size fits all link building SEO service, our experts analyze your business needs to develop a strategy solely for you. We customize it as per the industry you operate in. We examine your linkable assets and deliver current reports about your link building.

Market Research

We conduct detailed market research to understand your audience and how they interact with your business. This helps us to understand the cultural, societal, socioeconomic, geographic, and personal makeup of your target customers. We even analyze the trends adopted by competition to outwit them. Our detailed examinations enable you to better serve your audience and increase your ROI.

User Experience and product organization

You e-business’ website UX is essential for success. It acts as a digital variation of customer service. Our auditing services ensure unmatched experience through features like usability, accessibility and page speed. If a user is confused by the order of your website or faces problems in navigation, you could be disposing revenue. So we pay utmost attention to the design, navigation fundamentals, and the organization of your website.

Search Engine Optimization

We believe that SEO is important because how you rank on search engines determines the amount of traffic your website obtains. This can affect your conversion rate. We pay high regard to SEO for optimizing your content, so your website shows up on SERPs. We also emphasize on images that supplement your content and coincide with your messaging.

Use of right Platform

As an Ecommerce business, you need to ensure that that you use the right platform for your products. As part of conducting an audit, we look into whether your existing platform is in line with your business goals. We believe in a professional and easy-to-navigate platform that can boost your sales to a great extent.

Content Strategy

Are you offering enough content variety to your customers? One of the basic ways to boost your Ecommerce sales is by having valuable content. A healthy content helps to engage online users and motivate them to buy. So, we help you to employ the right content strategy to stay ahead of the competition. We ensure that the content headlines convey the right message along with using the right tone and language to attract customers.

Carrying out an Ecommerce website audit is an initiative for your future planning. It enables you to set the right strategies that can help you develop your business and grow your sales.

We assure you that we will cover all the phases of your business when conducting an Ecommerce website audit so that you are able to come up with better solutions to increase conversions and boost profits.

Bid Farwell to the uncertainties and guessing game. Let us perform your eCommerce website audit and show you the real picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by eCommerce website audit?

Many times, the sales of your eCommerce store get stagnant, and you get totally clueless about what is the main problem. An eCommerce website audit helps you in figuring out the loopholes and the places for improvement. An eCommerce audit includes the complete analysis of your website, from its SEO to the platform analysis, everything is checked. In the end, you receive a clear picture of the areas that need improvement and what more you can do to keep the business moving forward.

How will it help me?

An eCommerce website audit is of great help. If you are skeptical about whether it will help you or not, read our reasons. Your eCommerce website audit helps in improving the conversion rate by analyzing the taxonomy, product details page. The audit sets the basis for your potential marketing campaigns and delivers insights related to improving your poorly performing campaigns. You get a detailed report regarding the improvements you need to make on the design front.

Does it help in improving the website rank?

It does share a direct relationship with your website rank. The audit will help you in finding the loopholes in your content. When you will amend those mistakes and give search engines the useful content, surely, your website rank will improve a lot.

How fast can I expect to see the results?

This is something that depends on you. We will provide you with a guideline related to the ambiguities in your website and the ways to correct them. The sooner you will act on our recommendations, the quickly you will see results.

How long does it take you to complete the website audit?

It totally depends on the complexity of the project. We can’t tell you an exact date; however, can mention the timeframe only after discussing about your project.

Do you perform the platform audit as well?

Yes, we do perform the platform audit as well. After performing the audit, we give you recommendations related to whether you should consider switching the platform or not.

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