Take control of the 1st page of Google SERPs for your Brand Name
By : mmhemani

During the modern digital era, attracting business is all about building a positive aura around your brand. Nothing is more important than a affirmative market reputation which helps you in converting your visitors into leads and then to paying customers. Similarly, if people find unfavourable or outdated stuff regarding you and your brand name, they will more likely switch to any better alternate available, so it is very vital for individuals and brands to maintain their reputation over the internet.

The biggest problem associated with online reputation is that anyone whether he be a pissed client, an unsatisfied customer or may be just a random visitor, anybody can publish something negative about you and if that particular document is ranked  on the first page of Google with you or your brand name then the case gets worse.

The idea is to visit your online blogs on a regular basis and create power profiles across different websites so that the appearance of your brand over the very 1st page of Google will be under your control. Obviously, there is no guarantee over completely hacking the first page results but as it’s your brand name so there would not be much competition and you probably will achieve your target if you manage to portray an active and power profile on these platforms.

Here is a list of websites where you need to have active and powerful profiles in order to hack the first page results on Google and other similar search engines.

1. Google+ Profile

Google+ Moosa Hemani

After the flop of buzz and Wave, Google finally came up with its latest social network known as Google+. In order to control the 1st page of Google in favour of your brand name (personal name) it is essential to create a vigorous profile on Google+.

The reason why I ranked Google+ as number 1 is because usually Google+ profile is well ranked and if your brand is associated to such a profile than it is quite easy to make space on the 1st page.

2. Searchable Professional Resume

Linkedin Moosa Hemani

LinkedIn is another very good option, it allows you to create your professional resume online and permits people to know about you and your professional skills. In the settings area there is an option that allowing search engine bots to crawl your LinkedIn profile and display in the SERP results when someone tries to find your name.

Try searching names of your co workers who have their LinkedIn profiles set, and you will notice their profiles mostly appear on the 1st page of Google search.

3. Your Personal Website Profile

About US Moosa Hemani

If you are a consultant or own a business, you  are bound to have a website. The idea is to create a profile or “about us” page as a part of your webpage and optimize it for your name or your brand name.

It is fairly easy to get your “about us” page ranked over the very 1st page on Google when searching for you or your brand. In my case type “Moosa Hemani” and you would notice my profile page on the 1st page of Google.

4. Twitter Profile

Moosa Hemani Twitter


No matter what industry you deal in, twitter is one of the widely used Social Media platforms for almost all niches. Twitter profiles are very influential in nature and are a simple way to achieve search engine rankings for your brand.

Undoubtedly twitter profiles effortlessly attain the 1st page rankings but still in order to route customers to the main website it is important to maintain a dynamic profile that you employ keenly.

5. Facebook Page

Moosa Hemani Facebook

Facebook is yet another Social Media network  to acquire 1st page rankings into Google without any additional endeavor. It is of enormous importance to have a facebook page for your and generate some likes for it which would be dual beneficial for your brand.

Firstly, it will help you get a better grip over the 1st page results on Google against your brand name or personal name and at the same time, it will encourage visitors to move towards your website quite easily helping to amplify your referral traffic.


Rand Fishkin Quora

My Quora profile is not worth holding so I thought it will be beneficial to include Rand’s profile as a snippet  to the blog as he owns a perfect Quora profile. Quora is a QnA website similar to yahoo answers but it is more authoritative, less spammed and  trustworthy especially if you are in the field of marketing, IT, start-ups and more.

Quora profiles generally position well on Google and working a bit on it can help you accomplish the first page rankings for your Quora profile.

7. About.me

About.me Profile

I am one of the early adopters of about.me and I would strongly articulate this might seem like just your personal or brand’s profile but if you optimize it properly and utilize it energetically it can really help you get some serious business coming your way.

About.me might not be as easy as Facebook or twitter but if you struggle hard to optimize it and build some quality links for this website, this  would emerge on the first page of Google and help you control the 1st page results  on Google portraying your brand name.

8. Slide Share

Ann Smarty

Slide Share allows people to upload their documents and presentations. Usually people use this platform to promote their presentations and make them available for their followers and people who are interested in similar kind of content.

Slide Share profiles are power boosting profiles like Facebook or twitter, you don’t really have to invest too much time on it and it will still manage appearance on the first page of Google with your brand name. Although it is not obligatory but still it is advisable to add a few presentations so that people do not come in and bounce back from your profile.

9. Flickr


A Platform for sharing photos with humongous networks and your friends. Flickr might not be as powerful as other social profiles but a small amount of activity will help you get the first page rankings for your flickr profile too.

According to my research flickr usually stands somewhere around the mid of the 2nd page for many brand names as well as personal names but in my personal opinion  a little push will help it move towards the 1st page.

10. Youtube

Youtube Video Channel

This idea works best if your brand contains a good amount of videos that can manage a youtube channel. The idea is to maintain a youtube channel, upload some videos related to your business and then promote it on social networks, emails newsletters and more.

This will help the youtube channel to grade better for the brand related terms and you can easily take a chance to control the 1st page of Google against your brand names or your names query.

Why all this is Important?

It is quite important for people and brands to take a control of the first page of Google against their brand name so that if someone tries to spread any negative content about them or their brand, it will easily be banned from appearing over the 1st page of Google SERPs.

Creating a profile on the above mentioned platforms is not enough but you have to have some bustle on regular basis so that people can find you or your brand trusted and start their journey towards your website.

Save your Brand Name and grow your business online!


  • A very comprehensive guide as how to use all the social media channels for your branding needs. Perfect combination of the various channels.

    Slide Share is always the best idea, and it has a lucrative outcome even for your link building campaign.

  • A very comprehensive guide as how to use all the social media channels for your branding needs. Perfect combination of the various channels.

    Slide Share is always the best idea, and it has a lucrative outcome even for your link building campaign.

  • A very comprehensive guide as how to use all the social media channels for your branding needs. Perfect combination of the various channels.

    Slide Share is always the best idea, and it has a lucrative outcome even for your link building campaign.

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