How To Use Social Media for Startups

Take a look at your teenage daughter. Odds are that she is probably glued to a screen, tablet or cell phone, with her fingers busy tap tap taping as she swipes her way through her multiple social media accounts. Your teenage daughter is part of the target market for many businesses from apparel and accessories to firms specializing in college applications or designer hair bands. But teenagers are not the only ones addicted to social media, according to 81% of the US population had a social media profile in 2016. That is around 207 million people in the United States alone make their presence felt on online platforms. Social media may have sprung into existence as an entertainment tool, but today it is one of the most powerful and evolved marketing tools available for entrepreneurs. 96% of businesses use social media marketing in some form or another globally, with.....
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August 1, 2017 by danizehra

10 Content Creation Tools Every Marketer Should Have

Let’s face it – content creation is not a piece of cake anymore. With the amount of content being published on the web every day, there is a chance that yours might get lost in the abyss. Marketing automation has made other parts of the process easy and more effective, but content still depends on how you handle it. The algorithms are ever-changing, and marketers have to make efforts to consider all aspects of a successful post when planning and writing content. “Blog content is getting longer and more visual. The average blog post is up about 19%, coming in at about 1,050 words in length. Long-form content is becoming the norm instead of the exception. Rather than churning out short-form pieces of content, consider investing more time in longer, more in-depth pieces of content that deliver higher value to your audience. It can be difficult to pack much educational.....
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July 4, 2017 by danizehra

How To Write And Promote Blogs In The Fashion Niche

When we think of fashion, we can’t help but visualize elaborate runways, super glamorous models and luxury fashion brands like Gucci and Versace. Fashion industry, unarguably, is all glitz, glamour and money, and people associated with it are always looking their best, no matter what. Some ten years ago, people who were part of the style biz were considered  unapproachable and unmatchable. But then thankfully, the need for fashion blogging came up, and gave an opportunity to the average fashion lover to step up and give influential brands some competition. Fashion blogging made it big in the digital world about a decade ago and now we commonly spot these fashion bloggers occupying the front row seats at fashion shows and bagging expensive advertisement deals with famous brands. Upon research, we found that being a part of the coveted fashion industry is not as tough as it may seem. There are.....
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May 2, 2017 by danizehra

How The Day Of A Typical SEO Looks Like And Tips To Make It More Productive

SEO professionals are responsible for the mammoth task of ensuring a raging organic search visibility, amidst a fast changing environment. They must remain abreast of the latest developments in the field and continuously learn new things; meaning that there is virtually no margin for a drop in attention. On a daily basis, SEO professionals have to engage in a plethora of activities including, but not limited to, consultation, audits, competitor analysis, industry research, persona building, keyword research, inter-departmental coordination, email marketing, report generation and networking. So, how can you ensure the provision of value added services to your employer as well as your client’s website(s)? Here we have outlined the daily tasks of an SEO professional along with a comprehensive set of hacks that will magnify your productivity several fold.   Getting organized: For most SEO professionals, the day starts with a brief glance at their email inbox. A large.....
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April 18, 2017 by danizehra

One Factor That Keeps Small Businesses Away From Their Potential Customers

Why do customers buy from a brand? First and foremost, the reason why a customer buys something is because they find it profitable for their needs or use. Unfortunately, most marketing and sales departments overlook this little human instinct and keep blabbering about how they are ‘better than others’ with their product offerings. This is extremely insufficient reason for a customer to ponder over a product which seemingly benefits the marketing department but not them. That’s why, in order to gain more attention and sales, you should communicate the benefits of a product or service to the potential customer. Blogging is a great way of start this communication. A blog is your big platform to be as creative as you want, while subtly inserting marketing and promoting messages as well. Consider the example of The Pipeline blog by Tibor Shanto. Tibor is an experienced business coach, who provides special training.....
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March 14, 2017 by danizehra

Ingredients Of A Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

Marketing in older times used to be a set of creative ideas that were developed by qualified individuals, fueled by checks, and executed in field with no idea about the effects they will have. The whole process was disconnected and divided into bits and pieces, and marketers crossed their fingers after launching each campaign. Today, however, the game has changed drastically with the entrance of inbound marketing. Chief Inbound Marketing scientist, Mike Lieberman asks, ‘Is the marketing campaign dead?’ The answer to this question lies in our own perception of the marketing game. But before we answer this question, let’s look at what inbound marketing is. Inbound marketing is an omnichannel plan that aligns all of the marketing mediums around a single goal. Whether you talk about outmoded marketing campaigns or an inbound marketing campaign of today, success is achieved by meticulous  planning that puts things into perspective. Inbound marketing.....
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March 7, 2017 by danizehra

Here’s Your Comprehensive eCommerce Website Audit Checklist

Does your website load in under three seconds? Is your homepage providing the information on your latest sales and promotions? Can users easily search the site via your homepage? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are pretty much in a safe position. However, if your answer is either ‘no’ or ‘don’t know’, you need to figure out these details as soon as possible. A website audit can help you do just that, so you can devise solutions to increase conversion rate. Your ecommerce store needs regular audits just like a brick and mortar store needs regular checks and follow-ups. Website audits help you understand your website in depth, and enable you to find  the trouble areas where existing or potential customers might be facing difficulties. Why audit? Audit is a vital part of an ecommerce business. You can perform it a few times every year, or.....
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February 28, 2017 by mmhemani

6 Reasons You Should Have An Active Business Blog

Today’s technological advances have not stopped people from asking why blogging is essential for business. Keeping a blog is understood to be a norm, but the exact efficiency of an active business blog is unclear to many business owners. Startup owners ask this question more often, since they wear many hats at a time. Most don’t quite understand the point of expending time and effort on a blog. Blogs have been around since the 1980’s, but it is business blogging that has changed the way a customer interacts with a business. In today’s day and age, business blogging should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. The content you produce and post on this blog should be powerful enough to attract people’s attention and make them curious about your product. While your website is the main platform that displays your product and markets it, a business blog can become.....
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January 31, 2017 by Manam Iqbal

What You Need To Go BYOD

There are only two things you need to know to get an idea of the modern world. The first thing is that there are officially more gadgets on our planet than human beings. And, by the way, we reached the point of no return almost three years ago, which means that today the number of gadgets exceeds the number of people even more significantly. The second thing is that an average person checks their phone 110 times a day, and for some of us this number is as high as 900. Given this, there is no wonder why we are so concerned about digital trends and their effect on our career and personal life. Let’s face it: we use gadgets at home, at work, and on our way from home to work. So it comes as no surprise why so much attention is given to trends and ideas aimed to.....
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January 25, 2017 by Nick Rojas

How to use content marketing to increase your reach – and sales

The ultimate goal of a business is to increase sales and revenue. Since content marketing is the new buzzword, many B2B and B2C businesses have started building their marketing strategies around content. Content marketing is the process of creating written or visual content to gain new followers, customers and increase sales. The traditional method of outbound marketing or cold calling and advertising has changed drastically.  Today’s customer has learnt how to filter out ads, block pop-up ads and reveal caller IDs. Businesses are investing on inbound marketing to get new leads. Content is king, so building an attractive website is crucial for the growth of any business. According to a survey by Custom Content Council, 72% marketers feel that content marketing provides them with better ROI than advertising, while 69% find it more effective than PR and email campaigns. However, many marketers are still not using their content to its.....
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December 14, 2016 by mmhemani
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