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White Hat vs Black Hat

White Hat vs Black Hat: Who Is The Real King?

To get rich, you have two ways. You can either work every day like hell and get to the top –the extended way,…
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shopping cart abandonment

How Can E-Commerce Players Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Imagine this. You are shopping online, monthly grocery, for instance. You are nearly done when you see a pop-up of an ad from…
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content audit

Conducting A Content Audit: Your Ultimate Guide

We’ve all encountered a blog that's outdated, stale, or completely unrelated. More often than not, you abandon the site and quickly search for…
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Podcast Marketing

Is Podcast Marketing a Great Way To Grow Your Business?

As an Entrepreneur, it’s impossible to survive without evolving every day. With a neck-to-neck competition, the only way to grow is to find…
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Keyword Research Tools

8 Best Keyword Research Tools To Step Up Your SEO game

“I mean, come-on Fred, you cannot rank on Google unless you have the best keyword research tools and a deeper understanding of those…
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Google my business optimization

Google My Business Optimization: How To Get Local Exposure In 2020 And Beyond

A glamorous sports car and a gorgeous model will make heads turn anywhere. Can your business do the same? Possibly. By Google My…
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breadcrumbs seo

What Is The Importance Of Breadcrumbs In SEO- Your Complete Guide?

If you don’t have a clue about Breadcrumbs, it is a website navigation element. The term originates from the popular fairy tale where…
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viral content marketing

Viral Content Marketing – 6 Types Of Post That Are Most Likely To Go Viral

Every day we hear about viral content marketing – a new post or an image that goes wildly popular overnight. On every social…
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perfect headline

8 Tips To Writing The Perfect Headline For Your Blog Post

That is how an average user responds to everything that appears in front of their eyes"Scan. Reject. Scan. Reject. Scan … Click!". In…
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user generated content

User-generated content powers up your SEO strategy. Is it true?

The consumer is the best compass for your branding strategy. A recent Salesforce Research discovered that 47% of marketers use user-generated content as…
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How to Run Facebook ads

How to Run Facebook Ads During The Pandemic. Your Ultimate Guide?

The spread of Covid 19 has left many of us to deal with unprecedented challenges. We have to come up with solutions to…
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Why SEO is important for business

Why SEO is important for business during the COVID-19

The global economy is going downhill. Where once businesses were talking about advancing their digital resources, the only concern these days is to…
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