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Author Archives: Dania Zehra

shopping cart abandonment

How Can E-Commerce Players Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Imagine this. You are shopping online, monthly grocery, for instance. You are nearly done when you see a pop-up of an ad from…
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content audit

Conducting A Content Audit: Your Ultimate Guide

We’ve all encountered a blog that's outdated, stale, or completely unrelated. More often than not, you abandon the site and quickly search for…
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Podcast Marketing

Is Podcast Marketing a Great Way To Grow Your Business?

As an Entrepreneur, it’s impossible to survive without evolving every day. With a neck-to-neck competition, the only way to grow is to find…
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Keyword Research Tools

8 Best Keyword Research Tools To Step Up Your SEO game

“I mean, come-on Fred, you cannot rank on Google unless you have the best keyword research tools and a deeper understanding of those…
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