About us

Back in 2012, Moosa Hemani and Dania Zehra started SETALKS.com as a blog to share the knowledge about SEO and digital marketing with the world. They won his first client soon after the first few months of writing and promoting their blog, and since then it’s been 6 years and that blog has turned into a small agency that helps businesses grow with digital marketing solutions.



Relaunched SEtalks.com as an Inbound Marketing Agency.


Officially started offering Inbound Marketing and Website Audit services to clients.


Increased overall revenue by 40% and hired more people to join the team.



Won a free MozCon ticket for contribution to the Moz Community.


We got the first official physical space for the team to work (and play!) together.



SEtalks.com grew from two to four people.


Grew our revenue by almost 80% since 2013.



Started offering SEO consultation services to businesses across Pakistan.


Dania (co-founder SEtalks.com) joined and took over content department.


SEtalks.com officially started offering SEO and Link Building services to clients around the world.


Won the Best of 2012 Award from Search Engine Journal for a guest post written on their blog.



Wrote a blogpost for Moz.com’s main blog


SEtalks.com got its first enquiry for SEO services in a travel niche.


SEtalks.com started as a blog where people could find insightful posts about SEO.


Our vision is to help businesses grow. Setalks set out to create marketing people could believe in. Rather than push marketing messages to a broad audience, we create a powerful online presence that can pull a more targeted audience towards your brand.

Work Culture

We are a group of talented, tech-savvy and highly driven people working together to make businesses succeed. Teamwork is our greatest strength, and our people are our competitive advantage. We are the best at what we do because we are selective with who we hire.

All our hired professionals are highly trained to give you the best results. They are A players who provide you with integrated solutions across the board. Our work culture thrives on team spirit where people support each other and work as team players.

We have incorporated advanced marketing technologies to increase efficiencies and maximize client’s ROIs by personalizing consumer experience.

What We Do

Moosa Hemani stands out for many reasons, but one is simply for his exceptional desire to contribute to the SEO community through his writing and participation in social media. You would be hard pressed to find a highly-visible SEO site that he has not contributed to in way. He is also a truly nice guy, which always impresses me. There’s no ego, but there is confidence. I’d be honoured to have the chance to work with Moosa.

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