Why Guest Blogging is NOT Toxic to your website


Few days back Russell Jensen wrote a post on Guest Blogging and why it can be toxic for your website/brand, it was a good read but I don’t personally agree with his point at least as far as guest blogging is concerned.

I have been guest blogging for me and my clients for quite some time now and results in terms of SERP stability as well as brand awareness are simply amazing. The reason why we have great results for clients as well as ourselves is because, we do not only look for quality of blogs, obviously that is important but actually we go for good quality blogs related to the niche of client. Eventually, we do not only get fruitful result in terms of rankings but we are even capture a good number of targeted traffic, which is easier to convert in to leads.

Why Russell is right!

I am not saying that the point Russell rise is wrong because most people who have been employing guest blogging as link building technique don’t really care about quality of writing as well as the blog they pick for the niche. This ends up giving no help to client neither in terms of links nor in terms of brand awareness.

It’s been a while I wrote an article on SEOmoz that talks about the Real benefits of guest blogging and this is only possible when you pick the right blogs and write quality content for the website. If one is not going to care about the quality of content or choose all shitty blogs than in that case the business website will hurt instead of getting any benefit from it.

Why Russell is wrong!

Russell is very respectable to me but I personally don’t think he is completely correct.  Most blogs who wants to provide quality information to there readers in their particular niche and also allow guest blogging, are fine with giving  credits to writes that are originally compiling the content, some of the best examples can be Search Engine Journal, SEOmoz, Koozai and more…

If you talk about SEO Niche: Guest Bloggers like Ann Smarty and many other renowned names that have a real idea and power of guest blogging knows how to go with it in order to create quality to the websites for clients who are paying bucks to get SERP stability and brand awareness.

Is Guest Blogging Really Dangerous?

There is no quick answer to me, in my opinion this can be YES and NO!


This technique can be dangerous for your business if you somehow end up in the wrong hands i.e. if you or any person on behalf of you is JUST targeting for link through guest blogging, without caring about the quality of blog and relevancy according to your business niche.


On the other hand, this technique can be very much profitable for you if you consider certain factors in mind while you start with the guest blogging idea like, quality of blog, relevancy of blog towards your business, quality of writing and more.

In my opinion SEO is kind of a job where there are two ways to attain success, one is a short term strategy and other is the long term, so now it’s always up to the person to go with a strategy which help business in the longer run instead of a long term fail.

If you have an opinion on this, please use the comment section to speak up!


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