Things Startups with low marketing budgets can do!

Things are really great but busy at my end and I am happy to have with me. Just after launching the guest blogging service for clients I got an overwhelming response and tons of emails to reply. In all I got my hands full with new projects and clients and this is my only excuse that I really didn’t get the time to write something quality for this blog.

Today I temporarily changed my priorities and started to write something that goes the vision of this blog.

Blog Vision


So, now that I am getting request from quite a few startups/small businesses that are tight with budget but really need SEO services. Sadly few of them were the victims of people selling snake oils in this industry. Unfortunately, at the moment I have to turn down their projects but I really need to do something for them, which can really prove them the worth of SEO and so they can get a clue of what they should expect from SEO instead of thinking it as a shitty marketing service that sucks money and in the end bury the startups deep down in the dark abyss.

Here I am NOT at all going to feature how to do DIY SEO or something similar but instead I am going to share a few secrets, which they can do in order to increase their online visibility in search engines as well as bolst their brand reputation. There is nothing rocket science in it so even if you are not a tech savvy and you own a plumbing business, you can use these tips and tricks.

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  • Local Business Submissions

There is a long list of local websites and every website have different rules and regulations that one have to consider before submitting a business because one wrong step can lead you to the rejection of the business listing.

I am not advising you to drive the SEO car all by yourself but there are a few steps, which you can take in order to reach your potential clients easily. One of them is getting listed to not all but two most important local websites where business submission is easy and results are super phenomenal. I know a business that has low sales from their website; they submit their listings on these two websites and as soon as their listing goes live they started to receive some calls (leads) which help them to manage and invest more in advance local SEO.

Two websites that can help your local business are Google Maps and Yelp (US only). Both website have easy steps to take in your business information and make it live upon phone verification. Yelp is the hub of people searching for business within their area so if you give all the correct information about your business then chances are you started to receive call from potential buyers… similar is the case with Google Maps.


  • Write what you already know!

This might sound crazily difficult but to be honest it’s not. There are some really easy ways to write meaningful content and share it with your audience to get their attention and prove you as an expert in your niche.

The idea is to start a mini blog on your website where you can share some quick tips that you think are important for your targeted audience. You do not necessarily need to write a lengthy and detailed post like this one but bullet points that contain value can even do well for you!

The consistent you write, more targeted people will come to your website and you will surely receive more inquiries than usual.


  • Write on Guest Blogs

Guest Blogging is important as it helps you be featured in front of wider audience and get a chance to set yourself as an expert. For most business personals, writing is a challenge but trust me once you will get in to it you will find it appealing and things will eventually become easy for you.

Writing a guest blog is not very much similar to posting on your own blog, as you can go with tips and tricks and mini blogging kind of things on your own website but this might not be possible when it comes to Guest Blogging.

Not to worry, all you have to do is write a concept in detail and get a writer to edit things for you, editing and fine tuning the article doesn’t need a huge budget, you will just need a budget of a coffee and a donuts to get a your  article fixed and back in to your inbox.

Get the article, outreach to the blog where you need to publish and wait for it to go live…


  • Social Media Interaction

This again might sound crazy but to be very honest, this if handled properly can offer you great returns. Do not spend hours and hours online, responding back to people on social media and share all the crappy links and articles… social media does not work that way.

Remember! You don’t have time or money to test or waste on social media so it is wise to play safe. Use it for announcements and customer service purposes. For example if you have a customer who contacts you for something on Twitter or Facebook, go ahead and reply to them, share but only quality stuff with your audience and offer your targeted audience something that allows them to engage with you instead of sharing links and pushing sales all day long.


  • Nice Commenting

You are in the industry so you know the technical details and updated news of what is happening around the corner. The idea is to read different blogs, flip through news, go over point of views by other people on regular basis and share your views through comments.

Remember, there are a whole lot of SEO spammers who use commenting for link building purposes, never get in to it… go for nice and meaningful comments that allow people to dig more about you instead of flagging you as a SPAM.


Will I Rock?

Before answering your question you should know what I mean by ROCK in here! If you mean you will win all the business and get tons of dollars out of it, then sadly no! But if you mean will your business will progress than it is a sure YES!

If you are ethically going to perform these activities regularly (not daily); you will surely witness a good number of targeted visitors coming to your website and approaching you. At the same time few yet great links pointing to your site naturally, will help you achieve top spots in SERPS for many long tail key phrases that will eventually result in more business leads.


Do I need SEO after that?

This is very much depends upon the goals you have set for your business. If you plan to stay on the top in the industry with long tail keywords and you are satisfied with limited exposure then I don’t think you need one. But if you want to get most out of your online presence of your business and wish to earn a good exposure, branding as well as online visibility then you should surely need to invest in SEO.


About the author


By profession and by hobby I am a SEO Consultant, a search blogger and a link builder, all in one. I am writing across websites all the time, I love working with people from all over the world.


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  • Hey Moosa – I liked the fact that you mentioned ‘nice commenting’ I feel like this is something that is very often overlooked.

    There are many benefits (and conversations) that can be started and reaped simply from putting a few minutes worth of thought and consideration into a comment vs. the stale “Great post!”


    • Yeah that’s true… most people afraid to write tons of words for guest posting so I find this an alternate to it… I think almost all people can share their views in the form of comment… and if they are really good the return will be somewhat same as of Guest posting (Relationship building)

      Thanks for the comment Nick!

  • As always Moosa nice post! A lot of work can be done be on your own if you don’t have the budget. But you have to decide to spend money or your time and in most cases it is best if you can do both. Commenting really does help but I think people have the I commented once so thats enough. You have to be active and build valued relationships with people.

  • Yes! I’ve talked to many business owners who can benefit from implementing the tactics you’ve shared.

    Tools like Followerwonk & Topsy can help with organization, as well as finding people to engage and topics being discussed within their industry.

  • Nice post, a great guide for startups and small business owners. I’m gonna forward this link to a few of my clients who are looking for cheap marketing solutions.

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