The Reason Your Outreach Emails Get Zero Response

As a common man and blogger, I have a tendency to digest crap but there are limits to everything. I receive guest blogging requests everyday but I tend to ignore them for a reason. Sometimes I get so frustrated by such emails I even Tweet about them

I’ve been ignoring these kinds of emails since a long time but today I decided to reply to one of the emails I received yesterday through a blog post.

The email was from Mr. Adan Smith:


Subject: Guest Post Request With FREE Content 

Message Body: Dear Blog Owner,


We found your blog ( from SERP (Google) and Found it extremely awesome. I wanted to know if you’re willing to accept free Content in the form of Guest Blog Posting and give back-link from content to my “Web based content writing” related website. We are more than happy to offer you extremely high quality content of your niche for Free with 1 or 2 links back to my website.


We will make sure, You will get


1. Content will be absolutely FREE OF COST

2. Extremely high quality unique content written by Experienced American Writers

3. The content will be related to your blog niche.

4. Content will be extremely free of grammar, error and punctuation errors.

5. Clients website will be a quality site with PR / Authority Sites of Bigger Brands

6. You can write us your quality guidelines to write the post

7. Your page which has our post will be promoted online in Facebook, Twitter and other Social sites. (Indirectly gains traffic to your site)


Let us know your opinion!


Good Day



Adan smith


If you have sent outreach emails similar to this one, and you are wondering why you haven’t heard back from anyone then this post will help you find out why.

Thank you Mr.Adan Smith for your detailed email and offer but I have a few concerns that I am going to discuss in the rest of my blog post here.

  • Subject Line

Honestly speaking if I hadn’t gotten the idea of writing on this topic, I would have deleted your email without even opening it. The subject line holds all the power to determine whether your email will get opened or not. When you use the word guest you cannot use the word FREE with it!

When you go to your friend’s birthday and pass him a birthday present, what do you say exactly? Happy birthday and this is a free pocket watch for you? Or do you wish him a birthday and say here is your birthday present? The latter is the most likely, right.

When you are asking for a guest blogging opportunity on my blog, this should be clear that we are not bounded by a deal but in a relationship. Try to be a little nicer and use a subject line that gets me interested.

  • Introduction

This frustrates me the most! You are asking for a guest blogging opportunity which probably can be the start of our relationship and you have no idea what my real name is?

I am not freaking “Blog Owner” and if you are using this word to give me a sense of superiority then it’s not working honestly. Every other guy on the internet can start his own blog having a successful one is to be proud of.

Try spending 10 seconds on my blog and you will find out what my name is.

  • First Paragraph

I am glad that you found my blog from Google and apparently you find it be “extremely awesome” as you said but I guess you forget to tell me what was so awesome about it?

I am a blogger who works hard to write quality posts every week of 1000 plus words. Yes, appreciation is something I look from the people but your appreciation was too general and I can’t tell whether you are genuinely sincere or not.

Just go through your 2nd sentence, you are only going to pass me your post if I am willing to pass you the link back. What kind of a guest are you? This sounds like a shitty deal to me where the profit is all yours!

  • The Bullet Points

Thank you for your extremely useful points so I will respond to each one separately.

  1. I think I have cleared this already, ‘FREE’ sound like you are using a cheap promotion like those unsuccessful online stores.
  2. ‘Extremely high quality written by experienced American writers!’ I am a little confused here, I judge the quality of content from the idea of the post, research involved and the point author is trying to make from the post, I literally have no idea what it has to do with an experienced American writer?
  3. Either you didn’t even try to open my website or you are too lazy to write about what my niche is. This is plain ridiculous!
  4. Ask any inexperienced and non-American writer to proofread this and he’ll point out the grammatical errors in this email.
  5. You used the term ‘Clients website’. Why did you even use the word ‘client’? I thought we were talking about building connections and similar stuff, no?
  6. I love your confidence but seriously it’s too early to ask for my expertise.
  7. I’d be over the moon if you could pass me your social page so that I can see if you have real or spam likes on your page! Mashable recently released a post saying fan page SPAM is a business worth $200 million.


Thank you very much for your email and I hope you have realized what your email meant to me.

I do not consider myself a world class blogger but I do use my common sense before I decide to read and reply to emails.

  • Search the Email on Social Media and Search Engines

Whenever I receive emails from unknown people,I try to search their email address on Facebook, Twitter and Google to see if I can find more information about them and more than half of the time either I get other activities that they have performed on the internet, get their social account and other related information.

Do not use an email ID that can easily be considered fake. It is also recommended to have your Gravatar and social accounts under the similar emails so that one finds you legit and take your words seriously.

  • Company Name Verification

Usually legit people tend to tell more about themselves in order to create a comfort zone. Do not lie when mentioning your company name because usually bloggers do verify this by visiting the company website and that company’s social activity.

It is also recommended to use an email ID that contains the company’s domain instead of getting a free one but obviously it’s not necessary.

  • Use Clear and Nice Subject Lines

Try to write the subject line that encourages people to open your email. Talking about FREE content in the subject line is a sure turn off for most bloggers. It is important to be clear in the subject line because without it your email will be ignored.

Personally I try to personalize and make the subject very simple and clear. For instance, I am sending an email to Ann, my subject line will be “Ann, I have a post and would like you to consider it for DST”. The subject line is clear that I am asking for a guest blogging opportunity plus it’s personalized enough for Ann to open it.

  • Template Emails

Most bloggers will not reply to the template emails and it is very easy to detect if the email is a personalized one or a template!

Template emails will not talk specifically to you and their email content will be general. Template emails might appreciate your blog’s content but will not go into the specifics. It is highly recommend writing personalized emails, it will take time and it will be a pain but getting good links was never easy!

We, bloggers are not useless people who write for good for nothing blogs. If you really want to capture the new audience try to build relationships with people and relationships cannot be made through template emails.

To the bloggers out there: Next time whenever you get frustrated with these kinds of random emails, consider copying and pasting this post’s link as a reply 🙂


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