How to Select the Topic of Your Next Blog Post?

Content marketing in my opinion is not really the next big thing; actually it is the BIG thing today! No online business, be it affiliate marketing, direct sales or information products, can survive in the internet world without the power of content marketing.

Bloggers, journalists and content producers work day and night to bring together amazing information, news and updates to capture their audience’s attention. Many become successful while others try and fail, and this happens every day!

But one of the major problems that bloggers, belonging to any niche, face is the dilemma of what to write next? At times it gets really confusing to select a topic that not only attracts their target audience but also helps to keep them interested in the longer run in order to convert visitors in to leads.

There is no standardized way to select your topic but it is essential for every blogger to look for a topic that inspires his readers, helps him get better search engine visibility and is engaging enough to convert visitors in to leads.

I am not going to pass any checklists that you should follow in order to know what you should be writing next, but I would prefer to share the way I select topics for writing a new post on my blog.

  • Google Trends

Google can be an amazing source of traffic to any website or blog ranking on the top spots in SERPS so almost all websites and blogs ideally want themselves to rank better in this search engine for their targeted key phrases. The idea is to see what people are looking for these days.

There is a tool called Google Trends. All you have to do is to write the keywords related to the topic that you are interested in writing for and check the trends for the last thirty days!


Google Trends


In my case, I am interested to write under multiple areas like content marketing, link building, guest blogging, WordPress SEO and outreaching. This thirty days Google Trends data shows that the good picks would be either WordPress SEO or content marketing.

  • Social Trends

It is very important to get the social data in hand before finalizing the topic for your content.This is because real time data can tell you what you can expect from the post in terms of shares and comments.

If you are working in the SEO industry, Twitter data is the most important signal because a SEOs life is incomplete without a Twitter account!

Topsy is a great place to get the social data and see if your chosen topic is trending in the social world.




You may be surprised to find out that social data can vary almost completely from Google Trends like the example above. The data says that content marketing is hot in the social world as compared to link building or WordPress SEO.

  • What Influencers are Interested In

This is very important to find out before hand because key players are the ones who set the trends especially in the social world. There are multiple ways to see what influencers are interested in!

In the SEO industry, is a platform where almost all major influencers belonging from the search industry are active. All you have to do is view the posts trending on top and what topics they are covering.


You can also gather the data from their company blogs. In the SEO industry it is important to track Moz, Koozai, Distilled, SEER etc. to see their present focal point.

Once you have analysed the data, you will easily have a clear idea of what to write.For instance if you notice the above screenshot of, content marketing is the trending topic.

  • What People Want To Hear From You

Bloggers are not only interested in good amount of traffic and social shares but their actually success starts when they see visitors convert in to leads and business for a website.

In order to attract and encourage the user to convert, a blogger has to write something that he must be looking for or something he must be interested in.

QnA websites are the best places to see what your targeted audience is looking for. In the SEO industry, Moz QnA and Quora are the best place to see what people are looking for and what are their real problems.


Moz QnA


Data from Moz QnA and Quora will tell you what kind of posts you should be writing and what kind of problems the target audience face in their day to day activities.

  • Which Keywords Offer You Better ROI

An ideal post should attract as much targeted traffic as possible with lots of social shares but in order to make the post stay alive for a longer period of time, one need to make that post rank better is search engine rankings.

My last post about content marketing ideas is ranking on the 2nd page of Google. I believe a little more effort on outreaching can bring better results.

The idea is to find the keywords that contain a considerably good amount of conversion and traffic already available.

SEMRush is a good place to find the keywords that contain good amount of traffic and possible conversions (you can always guess from the CPC cost!)


If you are picking content marketing as your topic for the next post, you probably know what post you should be writing on and what your next blog post topic should be!

These steps might help you to get the attention of your targeted audience but real success is always dependent upon the quality of your blog posts. If it is up to the mark you will see that these steps will help you get more attention and engagement from visitors, and leads for your business.


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By profession and by hobby I am a SEO Consultant, a search blogger and a link builder, all in one. I am writing across websites all the time, I love working with people from all over the world.


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  • It’s maddening to always try and come up with ideas that people haven’t already had themselves! I’ve found that working with someone on generating ideas for me to write about is a very good way for me personally. I also like Quora so you can see what questions people are asking.

  • We have been tweeting each other today about the JK Rowling’s book. It dawned on me just now, did she ever use the techniques you just enumerated? =P

    Kidding aside, I may want to add Yahoo Answers and niche specific forums for other industries. How about searching for hashtags (#) via Twitter and Facebook? Lately, there is so much rave about newsjacking that anyone can capitalize on to create new ideas for his/her next blogpost.

  • The things we have to consider in choosing the next topic are 1. the current issues 2. the demand of the readers for that certain topics 3. and facts. we should also involve topics being mentioned on social medias of course related to SEO. The bottomline is for every blog that will be posted it should be informative and relevant.

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