Realities Of Client Expectations

This meme is for every SEO who has been in the industry longer than a day. You thought you were getting into SEO to do SEO. In reality you need to spend 1/2 of your time educating clients and the 1/2 of your time working on SEO.

If you are an in-house SEO, you need to educate your team on the long-term value of SEO. If you are a freelance SEO; you need to educate your potential clients about the process of SEO, how long it will take, how much time and money it will take and what the end-goal’s payoff will be. I have found that setting up my client’s expectations is a crucial step to having a happy long-term relationship with my them.
Best of luck.

-Bryant Jaquez, owner of BrewSEO.

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  • HI Bryant, have you experienced that your client wants a result in just a month for his 9 keywords? I was frustated when my client demands that. Actually, you got the idea. You must educated first your team as well as your clients just for awareness.

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