Peer-to-Peer SEO over Influencers Following

The ever-growing SEO industry sometimes seems a bit like Hollywood to me. Where there are people who shine like stars on the sky of SEO, usually called as INFLUENCERS of our industry. These are the people we look up to, follow their footsteps and want them to notice us.

Then there is another type, known as industry professionals, who follow the influencers and work anything to be found by them. I do not have any problem with stars being influential and I am not even complaining that they do not interact with everyone. I am personally a big fan of SEOmoz and follow them but believe me or not this is not the only way to be noticed by other industry professionals and influencers.

IMO Peer-to-Peer SEO works pretty well specially in terms of getting your work reviewed as well as getting more business. Tad Chef also did a wonderful post on this topic that you can found on his blog SEO 2.0.

I have seen many people in industry who spend too much of their time getting themselves noticed by the industry influencers and stop doing that after a year due to no or mediocre success. This is obvious that influencers are busy; they do not have time to review everything and respond to everyone. So do not expect them to note you any soon and if you do, then let me tell you my friend that you are on the wrong path here!

No, of course not! I am not at all recommending you to stop following them. As  I myself follow influencers religiously but what I mean to address here is that Peer to Peer SEO can be more influential than one give it credit for, in order to get you noticed in the industry and you can even  achieve some interesting results through this.

Peer-to-Peer SEO over following Influencers:

To explain my point I have to ask you all an honest question that, why you follow influencers? If you ask me there are few common objectives whenever one follows an influencer and that are:

  • To gain knowledge and stay up to date with all industry trends and get point of view of that person in the update.
  • He wants to get noticed in the eyes of an influencer and show him something interesting that he like the work and recommend it to his network.
  • He wants to learn some insight of how that influencer become so big and how can he himself grow more as a professional and financially stabled.

You see … We follow influencers because of many reasons and few of the strongest ones are mentioned above, which I think you all will agree with. Apparently, it turns out to be frustrating at times when influencers do not notice you at all or does not reach the way you thought they should even after many attempts!

Whereas, Peer to Peer SEO works quicker and better, even it also help you figure out your problems and mistakes that influencers may not point out:

  • Peer to Peer SEO is quick as the folks you interact with most on twitter and Google+ will respond to your questions promptly so the level of communication will be faster and there will be short delay’s (may be less than a day!)
  • I prefer Peer-to-Peer over Influencers because they will be better at judging my work and pass me honest opinions then any influencers who might not respond if the idea got some flows.

I can say this because I still remember how people in the community mainly Tad Chef and Gianluca Fiorelli helped me to correct myself by pointing out the mistakes I made and guided me for the future. People mentioned above have BIG fan base so I believe they are also likeable personalities but kind enough to support me in my career and still helping!

How Peer-to-Peer SEO can help me get more business?

You follow influencers so that you can do something to get them to notice and show them something interesting that makes them feel recommending you to their network! This might sounds interesting but not really an easy nut to crack!

Whereas, Peer-to-Peer SEO works well here the reason is because the communication is continuous. Let us say you are good at out reaching bloggers or you have a good network with bloggers in some niche and some other peer got a project that contains the similar requirement but already has his hands full with work! He would definitely consider you as he would know you from quite long and will be well aware of your skill set.

Similarly, if some other professional in your circle is flat chat, yet do not want to say no to the prospect client due to a lot many quires that he might be getting, may also refer you because of the same level of communication and relationship you have built over the time.

I think I have done my part here and would like to conclude this over the same point that following influencers is not bad. Following them is obviously a healthy habit but then one should also invest some more time on P2P SEO instead of just trying to win appreciation by influencer in order to get more honest opinion about your work and get more business out of it. Looking forward for your opinions in comment box below!


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By profession and by hobby I am a SEO Consultant, a search blogger and a link builder, all in one. I am writing across websites all the time, I love working with people from all over the world.


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  • Peers are real and available. That’s why they are better than idols. Also peers are influencers as well. They may not be thought leaders but they are connectors for sure.

    • Highly agree on this! Peers can also help set one on the right path (professionally) by passing the true remarks on work instead of ignoring the emails or replying after a way long time…

  • Moosa –

    I’m very happy you wrote this post.

    I personally have gained a wealth of knowledge from many of the talented and friendly SEO’s in the Philly area.

    I don’t know if I would call them my ‘peers’ as many of them am smarter than I am, but I have found that my knowledge and determination has been well supported from the guys who are willing to respond and offer their advice, more so than the ‘brand name’ SEO’s.


    • Thanks Nick for this nice appreciation… actually learning is the base to move forward and if you find peer who are available to help you, guide you and positively criticise your work for betterment then chances are you will grow quickly than most people around.

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