Interview with the master piece – Chris Dyson

Chris Dyson SEO

(Hey Luiz, I am using Chris Dyson’s image from your blog as its hard to find his pictures on internet)

This is my opinion and I could be completely wrong here but I think UK got the smartest brains when it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing. I read many different blogs on regular basis and many who inspire me are coming from the United Kingdom.

Today, I am interviewing someone who is in the top 10 list of my

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Customer Psychology and Ecommerce Stores

ecom store

An effective marketing strategy can do so much as attract your target audience to visit your website but if the website itself doesn’t appeal to them, your marketing strategy has not done the job. You will not be able to retain your audience that way.

When a user visits a website (especially in case of ecommerce websites), there are several things to consider to help the visitor in making the buying decision. All of these factors that one needs to consider

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5 areas where every Online Business should Invest

5 businesses

No business can run and grow without a marketing budget. The more your marketing budget will be, the maximum number of people you can reach. This is one of the reasons why many startups didn’t manage to stay in the market for a longer period of time.

Low budget is not a problem but investing that marketing budget at the right place is very important. This is where most businesses make mistakes. In this article I will discuss how startups can

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SEO 101 for Travel Bloggers

seo for travel

Before I start, let me tell you that this post has originally been written by Rand Fishkin in 2011 but a lot of things have changed in the industry since then, so this post is actually an updated version of the original article.

Travel industry is pretty big not only in the United States but in other parts of the world too. According to one of the reports I was reading, travel industry of U.S. is alone worth more than US$

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The Rule of Reciprocity and Link Builders

rule of reciprocity

I was very productive this whole weekend as I read lot of informative material that is not directly related to my job. I should thank Chris Dyson for writing an interesting piece, Psychology 101 for Link Builders, on his blog as this post of his sparked my interest and I read a variety of material to get more information on the topic. In the world of link building we talk about building relationships all the time, how to do it,

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