Moosa Hemani

Moosa Hemani


My name is Moosa Hemani, and I am a SEO consultant, search blogger, a link builder, who now offers highly professional, and ethical search engine optimization services, to help my clients get better business visibility and growth through online channels.

Other than putting my thoughts on this website and updating it with latest happenings of SEO industry I am also proud contributor for many other giant SEO blogs and search entities like SEOmoz, Search Engine Journal, Daily SEO Tip, Kaiser the SAGE, The Gonzo SEO and more…

I have been working in the search industry for more than 4 years and have done my level best to prove myself as an ethical professional also I am grateful to many great minds in the SEO industry to encourage me with their kind words through the process. Checkout what Professionals and Influencers have to say about me!

Experts Opinion!

Julie Joyce

Moosa Hemani stands out for many reasons, but one is simply for his exceptional desire to contribute to the SEO community through his writing and participation in social media. You would be hard pressed to find a highly-visible SEO site that he has not contributed to in way. He is also a truly nice guy, which always impresses me. There’s no ego, but there is confidence. I’d be honoured to have the chance to work with Moosa.

Gianluca Fiorelli

Moosa has the qualities that make an SEO professional a great SEO, curiosity and humbleness while being aware of his own knowledge.Excellent expertise of the Search Marketing’s tactics, always to the evolution of this so changeable industry, and with the gift of creativity that allows him to marry SEO, Content and Social in harmonious and successful campaigns.

Ann Smarty

Moosa is the great blogger who has been contributing for top industry bloggers for years. He is very-well connected the search and social niche and he is among well-trusted SEO leaders. I’ve known him for ages and I’ve always admired his hard work and productivity.

Alessio Madeyski

Moosa is a really active SEO. He is always discussing and talking about the latest SEO topics, giving all the community some really cool advices. I decided to interview him as well, because he is one of my favorite SEO around the globe, and for sure the first one in Pakistan :)

Plus, he is always kind and with a smile right there for you, and we all know how much we need this nowadays.

Tad Chef

Moosa is an outreach specialist like no other. He knows how to find, approach and work together with to create a win situation. Thus when building high quality links or getting the right type of attention I trust him to get the job done.

Don Rhoades

I a little over a year ago, giving Moosa a spot on my blog to introduce him to American audiences. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Moosa delivered a gem of a post on how Google’s voice search works for a person speaking English with a Pakistani accent. Absolutely brilliant! Since then, I’ve watched Moosa grow into a strong influencer in the space, not only in his native country, but worldwide.



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