How to improve your twitter Life!

So, you have a twitter account for your business and you are spending good amount of hours on it tweeting but still your twitter account looks something like this:

Present Twitter Life

And you wish your account to look something like this!

Twitter Future

If this is the case then let me assure you that this post is defiantly going to help you improve your twitter life and you will be able to perform better on twitter. Obviously getting tons and tons of REAL followers over a night is next to impossible but you will see a gradual increase in your REAL followers that engage with you.

What is the Problem?

To fix anything it is very important to diagnose the problem first! There can be multiple reasons why people are not attractive in your twitter world.

1. Capturing Wrong Audience

wrong audience

Now you know what wrong audience exactly means!  Getting attention of larger audience means very less if it is not the right kind of audience. If your audience is not engaging, they do not RT or favorite your tweets also if your un-following ratio is high then you should seriously reconsider your strategy to determine if you are catering the right audience or not.

2. One way Broadcasting Channel


If you have been active on twitter but somehow people are not interacting with you then it is probably better to knit your eye brows on this. One of the basic reasons for having dead audience around you is single sided conversation.  If you are using twitter as one way broadcasting channel, then your twitter and the time consumed on it can actually do nothing for you or your brand.

3. Bad Timing

Bad Timings

With bad timing I don’t mean bad luck but instead I am referring to the time that you mostly tweet. Like outreaching you should be vigilant about the time zone of your targeted audience and interact with your audience accordingly. For instance there is almost 10 to 12 hours difference between my targeted audience and my time zone so I work and interact with them accordingly.

It’s better to experiment first and try tweeting at different timings to reconfirm if this is the problem why your twitter account is not that twittering.

4. Playing like a BOSS

Like a Boss

Usually start-ups and even some stable businesses make this mistake and that is to act like a BOSS on social media. Check your twitter account and see if you are responding to audience’s questions, suggestions and quires… If not, no wonder why your twitter account stinks!

You diagnosed the problem, Now What?

As we have identified the problem, it’s a fix it time!

Here are the following things that you can do to bring spring in your twitter life.

1. Follower Wonk

It is very important to follow and interact with your followers at step one or else it will be useless to spend hours talking and building connections with people who have no interest in you or services you offer.

follower wonk

Follower Wonk can be a great start to find the targeted audience and likeminded people on twitter. Simply type in your keyword and location to find out crowd of people having similar interests like yours!

Next step is to follow them and build relationships. Communication will help you to gather a wider audience around you that will eventually help promote your business.

2. Email

At times knowing about your targeted audience and communicating with them on social is just not enough especially if you want to build relationships with industry pundits and thought leaders.


The idea is to email them and share your thoughts about a subject, communicate through email and then interact with them on social. This way you will be able to create a powerful relationship, moreover, such communication will not only help you seek attention of thought leaders but even their followers!

3. Buffer App

If you are not living in a country where your targeted audience is, in that case buffer app is superb and mind blowing to stay in touch with your followers and make them feel that you are available.

Buffer App

Buffer app allows you to schedule your tweet this way you can keep your twitter active even while you are away. When you will be active in the peak hours you will receive more mentions, tweets and RTs which will help you make connections as well as increase number of followers over the period of time.

4. Be Real

Be Real

Twitter is all about being real! The idea is to be generous to your followers and act smartly. For instance, saying thanks to the new followers, people who mention you in their tweets and even to those who RT you, will show your courteous nature and will encourage them to communicate with you.

Personal Experience!

It is practice that makes you perfect and everyone needs to learn from their mistakes in order to grow. I have been using the above mentioned techniques religiously over the last few month and here is my klout score of the last 90 days!

Klout Score

My advice would be to integrate the above ideas in your day to day twitter life and get a chance to improve, optimize and enhance your twitter life.


About the author


By profession and by hobby I am a SEO Consultant, a search blogger and a link builder, all in one. I am writing across websites all the time, I love working with people from all over the world.


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  • For me… Time and targeted audience are big things for twitter… Tweet right time infront of right people make some sense other wise you are just wasting your time…

  • Hey, sir Moosa I am grateful for your detailed post on twitter and increasing your influence on it. I am following your blog for a while, and I must say being a blogger one need to be really active on twitter.

    These are some awesome tips for brand and bloggers should follow in order to increase their ROI from twitter!

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