What I Quickly Learned from the Hack Attack on SETalks.com

Hack attack is normal but it becomes unusually pathetic and crazy to a higher extent, when it happens on your newly established business website. SETalks.com is new but very close to me because I have BIG plans associated with it in the near future!

Currently I was only offering the Guest Blogging and Full service SEO to very limited clients who came to me, as the main reason of this blog is to offer quality information with regards to SEO and inbound marketing for FREE. I also have a plan to expose as many REAL SEO brains as possible. Some of them are rarely seen in the open communities while others are almost everywhere.

Anyways, this hack attack was a speed breaker to my complete long term plan and here are few things that I quickly learned and applied instead of crying over the spilt milk.


Things I should have considered as important before:

  • Search for good Hosting

I relied on my web design and development company with regards to hosting services and cared very less about what hosting I am using for my own site.

#lessonlearnt: NEVER EVER rely on anything less than best for your online presence specifically if you are very solemn about your blog and have BIG plans associated with it.

Research and at least spend the same time you have invested on finding the awesome and catchy domain name. DO NOT rely on others or else you might fall down on your face the same way I did and trust me it hurts a lot!


  • Security is not an Option

I was using the older version of WordPress and I wasn’t very much concerned about the website security from the technical point of view, which made the situation go from bad to worse and it ended up collapsing everything in the end.

#lessonlearnt: Make a little more investment to make sure that you are secure or else not only your blog but your reputation, business and almost everything (if you rely on it) will be at risk.


  • Website Backup

There are multiple plugins available that allows you to get the weekly data backup in an email but may be due to the lack of technical focus towards my personal website or maybe I was simply stupid enough that I didn’t actually installed this plugin on the system.

#lessonlearnt: I didn’t actually lose any data but still, this is something what I should have cared about before, instead of thinking about this now!


Things that I immediately did!

There are some things that I am glad I did immediately.


  • Do not Overreact

I was almost fuming when my friend asked me to calm down and think of what I have to do now instead of yelling around and letting people know that I am hacked and screwed.

I thought for a while and made a plan, before this I could only think of screaming at top of my lungs, which was not going to help me any how. So took a breath calmed my self down and than talked about it to on twitter and Facebook with the people who were concerned. Meanwhile, I also planned to write detailed post about it once I get my site back so that most people can know the story (that is exactly what I am doing now).


  • Let’s not hide and face it!

On number of occasions I have seen most people hiding their face in sand when they come across any such situation, so I thought I should not do that. I gather all the will and guts that I had and decided to face it instead of hiding from the people around.

I decided to let people know about the problem I am facing instead of making lame excuses about what is happening. It’s difficult to accept mistakes but it’s always good to be transparent with the people who are in contact with you on daily basis.


Here are few things that I quickly learned for the shit happen to me.

  1. Never rely on others, this is your shit so you have to be super concern about it
  2. Security is never an option that can be taken care of later, so put this on highest priority no matter how busy you are at work.
  3. Don’t lie but be transparent to the people, REAL people do understand that you are human too and you can make mistakes.
  4. Be active on every other embassy that you are a part of so you can respond to the people concerns about you and your website, if …
  5. Always have a backup of your website, as accidents don’t come announced.
  6. Whenever you are planning for future, consider risk factor first.
  7. Whatever happens, at the end of the day YOU ARE RESPOSNIBLE!


I learned it the hard way… But I guess you shouldn’t!

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By profession and by hobby I am a SEO Consultant, a search blogger and a link builder, all in one. I am writing across websites all the time, I love working with people from all over the world.

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  • Glad that you learned a few things in the process. Hopefully now you have your site on lock. Its great to have a network of people though looking out and noticing if things are going wrong with your site.

  • Glad that you learned a few things in the process. Hopefully now you have your site on lock. Its great to have a network of people though looking out and noticing if things are going wrong with your site.

  • Glad that you learned a few things in the process. Hopefully now you have your site on lock. Its great to have a network of people though looking out and noticing if things are going wrong with your site.

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