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I just passed my Google Analytics IQ exam recently and I am very eager to share my experience with everyone. All you have to do is read through the complete post and you will get an idea of how to start this program and complete it successfully. Once you pass your GAIQ exam, you will get a certificate from Google which looks like this:

Google Analytics Certificate


The sense of achievement truly is great. The simple truth is that you need to prepare for the test; you can’t expect to get a good score without putting in any true effort. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start preparing for the GAIQ exam!

  • Learning Material

Remember you don’t need to pay for anything to learn online. Everything is available for free.

First you have to start from Google’s own Analytics Learning Center. You can find it here. There are great presentation videos available, watch each video carefully and don’t miss anything. It may sound like a lot of work but trust me spending around a couple of hours watching these videos is important if you really want to get a decent score. Keep your own analytics account open next to you, so you can practice whatever is explained to you. Also keep a pen and notepad in your hand while watching these videos. Pause the video and write down the stuff explained to you. (These notes will be helpful for you during the test).

Once you complete all these videos, you are 50 – 60% prepared for the GAIQ exam. You can also find some tutorial videos on YouTube, Google Analytics and conversion university channels. Google also has recently launched Google Analytics Academy with a course named “Digital Analytics Fundamentals”. This course is based on 6 units which include basics of Google Analytics in form of videos and text notes. (It only takes 4-6 hours to watch all these videos and to complete this course).

Now, go and read the Jens Sorensen notes for GAIQ exams. These notes are really helpful if you keep them open during the test and remember to use Ctrl + F. You may also consider going through Google Analytics Help. There you can get detailed information about using Google Analytics. If you have followed all these steps then you are 80% prepared for your GAIQ test.

  • Improve your Learning by Practice

Now it’s time to test your skills by taking some practice tests online. Most of the websites offer these for a small fee, but there are some useful resources available that offer these tests for free.

First download the Slingshot SEO GAIQ Practice Questions. Unfortunately, they only have 10 practice questions, but they are quite sufficient and relevant to the official GAIQ test.

The second free resource available for preparation is Google Analytics Test, this is my favorite site and it proved to be really helpful for me during my GAIQ exam.

This site has around about 264 questions which are based on the following topics:

Accounts & Profiles

Google Analytics Tracking Code

Advanced Segments

Google Webmaster Tools

Browsers & Operating Systems

In-Page Analytics

Content Experiments

Intelligence Events & Custom Alerts

Cookies & Sessions

Internal Site Search

Custom Reports

Mobile Devices

Custom Variables

Multi-Channel Funnels

Dashboards, Shortcuts & Sharing

Profile Filters & Profile Settings

Dimensions & Metrics

Real-Time Reports

and more…

You can take the test without signing up too, but I would recommend you to sign up first and then take test, so you have a history of all tests with scores that you have taken.

Here is the screen shot of the tests that I took:

Google Analytics Test



Before you start your test you must deselect the “content experiment”, “social” and “Google Adsense” categories because these topics are not likely to be included in GAIQ test.

After the test, review your questions with answer explanations. You can also comment at the end of your questions if you have to ask anything related to the question. Remember the questions at this site are much more challenging than the original GAIQ exam, so if you can take 80% to 90% marks here; you can easily pass your GAIQ test.

Now you are completely ready to take the test!

  • Take the Test

To take your test just go to http://google.starttest.com/ and sign up for a new account (this account is different than your Gmail account, so don’t try using the same Gmail account).

The cost for taking the GAIQ test is $50.

In the test, you will be given 70 questions which are all MCQs. You have to select one answer out of the 4 choices, but in some questions there will be more than one correct answer so be careful with your selection in these type of questions. You will be given 90 minutes to complete your test. You have to get 80% marks in order to pass the test; this means you must answer 56 questions correct out of 70.

test payment window



Once the payment is done, your test will be available to you in a couple of minutes within your account. Now it’s time to take your test. Try to pass your GAIQ test in the first attempt. If you fail, you can take the test again but you have to wait for 14 days and it will cost you $50 again. The smart way is to prepare and practice first, so you pass the test in the first attempt.

After the test you won’t be able to see which of your answers were wrong, but Google will still tell you the topics that you may review again like in my case; they told me to review “Installing the Google Analytics Tracking Code” and “E-commerce Tracking”.

Ga test result window


Thanks for reading the whole post. Hopefully you have found this post helpful to prepare yourself for Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test.

If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments box and I will try answer as per the best of my knowledge.

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  • Syed Nawfil Rahim

    Useful article!

    • Nouman Tariq

      Thanks Nawfil; I am glad that that you find this useful. :)

      • Syed Nawfil Rahim

        You are welcome :) SETalk is a source of quality writers with new ideas and techniques.

  • Mahender Nath

    Thats great..congratulations!!

    am on the same pace. you have included all the list am going through. Digital analytics fundamentals are the incredible resource.

    google analytics test is the great resource to test your google analytics skills. questions are tricky

    as nauman Tariq said, make note of everything. better you maintain copy of every thing.

    and ofcourse all the resources are free. all the best for all aspirants

    • Nouman Tariq

      Thanks for your comment Mahender, Best of luck with your study.