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Note: Personally I have nothing to do with Citation Labs but their ultra ordinary product, customer service and humble attitude towards the potential customers make me write this post.

I didn’t knew the great Garrett French until I got an email from him asking about the tool I tried related to link building named as The Link Prospector. I tried that tool as part of my research for one of the post that I did on this blog. I informed Garrett about my reviews for this tool and I also recommended readers to give it a try who want speed up their link building work. Garrett actually passed me 10 more free credits to explore and learn more about the tool. (Isn’t he just AWESOME!)

I thought a lot of how to thank him for the extra credits and then I decided to use those credits to get most out of it and help as many people as possible. I thought of picking one niche, extract the related link data and allow people to use it for FREE. I am sure the quality of data will automatically force you to get the paid version of citation labs link prospectors. Although my first pick was SEO industry but seeing that a lot has already been written about SEO I changed my mind and selected travel industry instead. Travel industry is one of the vast industries on web. But most of the time website and blog owners in this niche are confused about what, where and how to build links for their websites and also because I kinnda love travel blogs.

Let’s begin with the with the very basic off-page stuff that is directories. Although directories have low impact in SERP results but dropping the idea of submitting directories (here I mean quality directories) will allow your competitors to easily outrank you against a competitive key phrase. After all the key rule is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to link building.

All it cost me was 1 credit (cost $2 USD) and I had around 5493 prospects (directories) where I could easy place my link. Apparently not all the directories will be high quality or exactly relevant to your business but if you will dig up a bit more within the given data, you will surely find valuable domain to submit your link; that means you are one step ahead towards getting better rankings in SERPs.

I will try and sort out the data for you so that if you are in the travel industry you have to invest less time doing that.

Next is niche related or topical blogs. I extracted the list using same Citation lab’s Link prospector and got 1313 domains that covered travel industry. If you can use this data smartly, contact the blog/website owners manually. This would pay you off the best, in terms of gaining great amount of quality link back to your website, which means top rankings from the desired keywords in just no time. How many links pointing to your website mean less, what matter more is the quality of links that are pointing out towards your domain! In order to acquire some quality links being creative is very much essential.

More creative and innovative ideas, is equal to less time consumption for finding and building low quality links. Read any good link building tactic post updated in 2012 and you will find content based link building as the most important factor amongst all. It is just a perfect tactic to build links by creating some read worthy content and contribute it on different niche related websites for free or contact high authority blogs and ask them to write guest posting on your blog.

Although finding guest blogging opportunities are it-self a tough job but Citation Lab’s ‘Link Prospector’ make it just no-sweat for us. Select ‘Guest Posting’ from the dropdown menu for your most targeted key phrases and with just one click you will attain a long list of blogs that offer guest posting in your in box.

All these blogs will be related to your niche. Check the list of blogs that fits your website services, read the blogs content and offer a guest post on their blog. *Guest posting was never that easy!* Of-course the importance of guest blogging cannot be over stated as they are not only just high quality links that can help you get a better spot in SERPs rather if you can create wonderful content for readers you can easily deviate traffic to your website through others’ blog that can further convert in to leads and sales.

If you are a travel blogger or working for any travel site… goodness is coming your way!

Content promoters are another really important tactic to seek attention, no matter how great your content is. #justtoletyouknow that the phrase ‘build great content and people will automatically find you’ is just a myth and have nothing to do with reality. You all might have heard about content promoters but how to find the niche related content promoters is a real job. Here I find the list of 1648 content promoting websites so that you can get in to it and get the most amazing content promoted.

Too many Links! Ofcourse, when it comes to quality link building, the more the merrier specifically if you are working for a very competitive niche. Using Citation Lab’s The Link Prospector just makes the process a lot easier. If you are a travel blogger or have a website related to travel then you will surely find this data useful.

Even if you have nothing to do with Travel websites, I strongly recommend you to download the give data so that you can find out why investing in citation labs would be a blessing.

The Post is not over yet! This feature is not yet available in Citation labs but I think they should. I am not missing social as I clearly know the importance of social in terms of ranking and business branding. I collected the list of top 50 travel bloggers and their social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and collected all of them in an excel sheet.

Where is the Awesome Data? Garrett grant me 10 credits of the link prospector so obviously I owe him big and in order to thank him back I am sure you people will help me out by spreading the words about ‘Citation Labs’. To get the data please subscribe to my blog from the top right hand side and you will be able to get this awesome data for FREE in your emails (check your SPAM box in-case you don’t find that in the inbox).

Note: This is just an overview of how awesome this tool is, there many other options available that you can explore by trying citation labs tool.

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By profession and by hobby I am a SEO Consultant, a search blogger and a link builder, all in one. I am writing across websites all the time, I love working with people from all over the world.


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  • Thanks Moosa for this blog post on citation Labs. I will certainly have to check this out. Does the software offer metrics so you can sort high ranking domains by page rank, age of domain, proximity or other? Please send me the travel data.

    • Thank you Kelly for the response! i highly appreciate it.

      Yeah! the Data have the metrics available like LTS, PR and Occurrences…. at the moment DA is not available but i think it would be a great addition.

  • Hey Moosa,
    Thanks for the great resource! I’ve been meaning to try Link Prospector for some time, you have just given me the reason to do it now 🙂

    I have a question, about the content promoters – I’m not familiar with the concept, could you please explain how it works? (I’ve tried Google, but didn’t have any success) – thanks!

    • Thanks Jelena, I am glad that i was of any help!

      Well as far as content promoters are concerns, they can be Press Release websites, niche related magazines that contain traffic and allow people to update audience about what new you are up to…(more like a news update)

      hope this helps…

  • Hey Moosa,

    Great post. Link Prospector is one of the greatest tools for improved productivity – in fact the number of potential linking opportunities can keep most site owners or link builders busy for weeks and weeks.

    The fact that it is so reasonably priced as well means that it is within every kind of SEO budget.

    • so true sir!

      In my Opinion if this tool is not within your budget then i am not sure what part of the world you are living in!

      Thank you for the comment sir, looking forward to see you again here sometime!

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