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Link Building is going to be important as well as tough in the coming days, months and years. We all know by now that Google is giving less room for to the spurious tricks and spam/low quality when it comes to SEO, Content or Link Building. In order to stay ahead and successful in 2013 one of the things we need to do is to get our self better and diversified at Content, Link Building and SEO as a while.

As a link builder I consider it as my duty to explore and discover different tools that can minimize my work and can save my time to find high quality links. You might be familiar of a few yourselves like the renowned My Blog Guest or the amazing Link Prospector. But here what I have for you today – my way of assembling links without much to do on my part (some of you might have been using this process already) …


What is needed?

And WIN!

How to Get Stated?

Step 1:

You need to have a search enabler and your website setup. The reason why I chose search enabler is because their link data is phenomenal and it shows the back link data of your website along with your competitors. The tool is less costly and offer phenomenal results… If you are looking for an in-depth review of the product you can find it here.

Once your website profile has been created the tool is set for its job of digging out the link data for allocated websites.

Analysis tab – the next step is to see which of your competitors are getting more number of links as compared to your own website.


The website on Number 1 with no links is my website (relatively new domain). Once you are aware of which of your competitor is having the strongest link profile, number 3 in my case, all you have to do is to click on the green bar to get the back link data of that website.


Pro Tip: Whenever grabbing the competitor’s back link profile, always keep your eyes open and see if you are not chasing a link that can hurt you instead of helping you. The best idea is to choose industry relevant domains.


Step 2:

Now that you have the links,  (at the moment you can only get links in an excel sheet but I strongly suggest the owners of the tool to add the CSV option so that links data can easily be extracted), there is a fair possibility that you already got some in your link profile so its better sorting link sheet. This could probably be counted as the second step of the process. Ofcourse doing this manually can be a pain so here comes the screaming frog.

If you have a licensed version of Screaming Frog, all you have to do is to convert that excel sheet to a txt file and then upload it to screaming frog, while changing the mode to “list”. Once done, go to configuration and set custom something like this!


Now this sorted list have no links that already exist in your profile!

If this is the list that I can blindly follow?

I don’t think so, as these tools are merely machines and they work with prescribed limitations so you would need to tailor the list for quality links. I think DA is relatively a safer parameter to determine the quality of link than any other.

The next step is to find and list DAs of each website against it. I would suggest you to go with websites which has DA more than 35 (maybe). You can always set your own number (the higher the better).

As a result you will have a list of purely quality websites where your competitors are already listed but your website is not getting any link back from.

How to get Links?

There are multiple ways you can build links…

  • Broken Link Building

This is one of the ideas that you can use to build links. Add the chrome extension (link is available in the list provided above) and run it on each site that you have on your list to see how many broken links they have on their site and then email the website to inform them about it, offer them a fix or consultation for free and humbly ask them for a link!

The better you are at out reaching, more chances for you to get a link out of it.

  • Guest Blogging Link

There must be some industry blogs from where your competitor is getting links. Follow the blogs and email bloggers and see if they allow you to write a guest post. Normally if they would have allowed your competitor there is no valid reason they won’t allow you!

Get your insightful post ready and submit it to the blog to get a link out of it.

  • Create a Free Tool

The idea is to find the pain point in the industry and develop a tool to make their work easier. Make sure the tool is easier to use so they stick to it for long.  This will help you get tons of links all from relevant websites.

You can send emails to your targeted  websites from where your competitors are getting links telling them about your tool, if your tool will be really worthy, you will defiantly going to get a link from the desired website.

Link Building is creative so it can never be limit in to numbers and stuff. The key is to think for different ways and new doors will be open for you!

Last tips get all the above mentioned Tools, Use them right and Build links to Win in the longer run!


About the author


By profession and by hobby I am a SEO Consultant, a search blogger and a link builder, all in one. I am writing across websites all the time, I love working with people from all over the world.


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  • Hello Moosa,

    Link-building will always be important but slowly it’s becoming less significant. What if Google instantly decides that links could no longer add value to the search engine results? It’s safer to diversify SEO techniques rather than focusing on too much link building techniques. Anyway, I’m still using these great SEO tools until now. It’s always helpful. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    • If you would have said this before the update by Yandex I
      would have disagree you but when Yandex can maintain the quality without counting
      links, then I would not be surprised if Google come up with similar kind of
      update later down the year!

      The reason why there are tons of link related posts
      available is because it works and it pays really well but in a bigger canvas, I
      must say diversification is important and everyone should include this as part
      of their strategy!!

      Thank you again for reading and coming on the piece 🙂

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