A Story about Guest Posting…

story about Guest Blogging

Guest posting is the new hype or latest trend in the SEO industry but is everyone aware of the real goodness of guest posting, or is it another link building tactic for some SEOs like article and directory submissions. I wonder if you have came across any such incidents lately, I did a few days back and here is a modified version of that meet-up:

Story of  a Guest Posting

Guest Posting Story 2

Guest Posting Story 3

Guest Posting story 4

Cartoon credits: explosm.net

A thought: What’s the point of making special appearance on some one’s blog, if you have nothing special about it? Remember if you want to make your cake finger-lickin’ good then you have to add some more sweet to it! #justsaying

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  • http://www.nomanali.com Noman Ali

    Do you think they all are dead (with good PR and DA) for me quality matters now.. not quantity yeah guest blogging is a good way to get editorial links.

    • http://www.setalks.com/ mmhemani

      As discussed on the facebook chat screen that some of them does contain some value but to be honest they are not as super awesome as they were use to be few years back…

      Like Dmoz listing was a dream for many and people seriously invest time and money in it but these days it’s a super waste of time…

      The time is changing…

      • http://www.nomanali.com Noman Ali

        Yeah not much have value like in past, But we can put them in priorities we can’t say they are dead if i got link from business insider website from blog commenting what do you think that link is useless??

        • http://www.setalks.com/ mmhemani

          To be honest blogging commenting is a long debate so it might not be possible in the comment section but I am working on the post… I think similar to Guest Posting Blogging comment is also not about links but reputation…

          So a Blog Comment link can be a junk and also can be of great value.. it always depends…

  • http://www.travelrhythm.com/ narayan

    it was not so much value in past, but current scenario it reverse back to value of your site, so guest blogging in such way always credit goes to in rhythmic way for business partner sites grate value, it always depends..

  • http://www.top20pics.com Muhammad Talha

    i just say without this article i can never know the importance of Guest blogging.

  • http://pluginswp.net Raaj Trambadia

    Totally inspired Moosa! Maybe the stupid emails that I get for guest blogging are from guys like him only! I believe in being real – I and do what I believe!

    PS – Check out my giveaway of commentluv premium! Cheers

  • http://www.bookitnow.com Ralph

    Very good article ! love it ! We get loads of requests for guestposts. Most of them are fine, but I hate those agencies who start undercover as personal blogger

  • http://www.globial.com/globialtalksbusiness Sunny Mui

    No one can write 5-6 posts a day and expect something high quality to come out of it. Quality matters. When you put arbitrary (stupid) goals just to pump out content, you end up fostering a culture of cutting corners and quantity

  • http://ilavidaesdura.blogspot.com Anna

    Content needs to be put first, really!

  • http://www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com Matthew Hunt

    So true! Loved the cartoon. Will need to share this with my seo team.

  • http://techocafe.com umer hafeez

    This is an awesome and creative way of explaining the story on guest posting.

    Quality links has been discussed for a while, and your latest post on link profile also describes it. Well, I hope various SEO guys would take it serious before hitting some penalty!