8 Steps to Turbocharge your Content Marketing’s Success

Thanks to the virulent updates of Google at every second day, 2014 is dedicated to the year of Content Marketing. Everyone is busy in creating his own Content Marketing strategies. According to a 2013 report of CMI (Content Marketing Institute), 86% of B2C companies have increased their content marketing expenditure.  Companies have sensed the importance of this form of Digital Marketing and have been trying their best to create high quality content.

In this post, I enlist some very important and preliminary steps of Content Marketing that every blog should include. It is a true assumption that the content promotion strategies very much depend on the nature of the business. The following points can be applied at any kind of content.

Let’s taste some of the savory ingredients of a successful Content Marketing recipe:

  1. Shortening the URL:url

Everyone wants to track his blogging efforts. People don’t want to check Analytics at every hour to measure their progress. By Shortening the URL of your content, either by Bitly, buffer or any other services you can easily monitor the sharing and clicking information. They also allow you to analyze how many people clicked your link, from which social platform it’s been shared and also helps you to see the geographical location of your reader.

  1. Share the URL from you Official Social Accounts:Social Account

No one can deny the importance of Brand Management and to cash its power Social Media is considered to be the best medium. Share your official or even guest blogs on your individual Social Channels to update your followers.

Some Pro Tips:

  •  Use shortened URL’s while sharing, so you may calculate everything
  • Share your content with some interesting headline instead of going with the article title
  1. Social Bookmarking still alive:Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites still have the potential only when used intelligently. They help us to present our content in front of people who love to read about our industry, products and services. Therefore, this aspect can’t be overlooked at all. It holds a very important place in every content promotional campaign. These are some of the very popular social bookmarking platforms:

For more information about the value of Bookmarking, read this Koozai’s post.

  1. Explore Your Audience:Explore

Realtime and Topsy are very useful tools to propagate your content within your industry and share it with everyone who loves to know about your particular niche. Both tools allow you to filter the search results by geographical locations, audience language and social networks.  They give you full access to the people who are keen on sharing your industry related stuff.

  1. Get Active in related Forums:Forum

Forums have a very prominent role in content promotional strategies. They are brilliant sources of building your community and acquiring authority. There are many specialized forums available where you can get social and start contributing. However, one thing should be kept in mind that the real aim is to build authority, as forums have had been the top source of spam link building. You don’t even need to insert a link in your signature there. Simply participate actively and the results will automatically start to come. Quora is the best available platform that every kind of business may benefit from.

  1. Get Active in Social Media Groups:Social Media

People are addicted to Numbers. They judge your content efforts through the number of social shares your blog post has acquired. This factor is not completely wrong but it is not the only criteria for judging your content marketing efforts. The best and easiest way to accelerate social sharing figures is by promoting your content in the related social media groups. There are hundreds and thousands of Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ groups available where you may share your links for initiating interaction.

  1. Hardcore Outreaching:Outreaching

This technique can be performed in several ways. You can analyze your competitor’s blogs on similar topics, for that you need to use any of your favorite backlink analyzing tools like Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs or any other. Put your link in it and see the blogs that are linking to your competitor’s blog, download the whole data and start outreaching the prospects one by one.
If none of your competitors has written anything on that topic, let Google play its part here. Search similar posts people have written and put their links in the backlink analyzing tool. Gather the data and start outreaching.

Pro Tips:

  • outreach your prospects in a very polite and sophisticated manner
  • do not use the same pitch for all your prospects
  • to increase the chances of positive responses, sending emails on weekdays will definitely improve your response rate
  • use the best suitable subject lines
  1. Go On SlideShare:Slide Share

SlideShare holds promising potential in Content Marketing. According to the CMI, this platform receives over 60 million visits and 120 million page views—every month. After the launch of SlideShare’s mobile app, the turnout of visitors are expected to be multiplied.

All we have to do is to use this platform smartly; instead of bombarding your slides with loads of content, simply highlight the main points of your blog with relevant high quality images. It is sensible to mention your brand’s name at the Footer and the last slide should highlight the actual URL of your blog.

Hold on!!

It’s not over yet!!

After uploading the slides, you will now have the URL.  Start the above-mentioned points again and provide a red carpet to your content.

For more tips on creating the powerful slides, see this useful post from HubSpot:

11 Simple Tips to Make Your PowerPoint Presentations More Effective

Pro Tip:

When sharing on social platforms, use different variations. Do not always share with the same title but you can come up with several other taglines to create hype.


Content Marketing is becoming a science now. People are adopting improvised ways to market their content according to their business niche. The above-mentioned points, however, can be applied to any type of content and it is sure to boost your efforts to the next level.

I would like to conclude this post with a principle that I always follow:
“Before creating the content, think about the gap you’re filling and list down the places where you’re gonna promote it.”

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Umar Khan

Umar khan is honorably performing his duties as the Digital Marketing Manager at the US based mobile application company Social Cubix & also manages his own blog Khan SEO. For him Digital Marketing is a passion and he lives it! Get Socialize with him on Twitter and Google+


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  • Hi Umar, this is my first time to the site, and I have to thank you for some great ideas. I do a lot of social sharing, but I didn’t know about Pearltrees and Share Bloc. I will also look more deeply and realtime and topsy.

    Thanks for a great article!


    • Hey Don,

      I’m glad you found it useful. I’d love to hear your thoughts after implementing these tips from you. 🙂


  • Hey Asokan,

    Apologies for late response.

    I do agree with your point that “make the content that will market itself”. But reaching on that level needs some sort of skills and expertise that eventually comes after your load of valid efforts with time.

    As far as the Google Shortener is concerned, I’m not a fan of this tool (Just joking) 😉


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