2012 was Awesome. It’s time for 2013

Time flies and so did the year 2012. It was very quick for me with a few milestones. In all 2012 proved to be “GRAND” for my career as a SEO as well as an individual, which I am quite happy about.

So, with a few flash backs from 2012 here is my game plan for 2013:

I could think of no other way but to start this post by thanking GOD for giving me the strength and ability to see, analyse things correctly and act upon it accordingly. I also want to Thank GOD for providing me the opportunity to progress professionally as well as an individual.

Besides this I achieved…


And that is absolutely a big YAYEEE me …. !!!

Although I have been trying my professional writing skills since the beginning of 2011 but I was mainly contributing as a guest on different industry blogs about diversified SEO topics.( You can find them on all my personalized About.me profile. While the idea of SEtalks.com was somewhere in the back of my mind since the mid of 2011, but I was putting it off mainly because I did not want to compromise on its quality. Therefore, I decided on delaying it as I wanted to ensure that SETalks does not turn out to be YET ANOTHER blog in SEO.

My real objective of SEtalks was to offer something insightful to people so they keep coming back for me themselves. Apparently I have not earned whole of it yet but it the “work is still in progress” and I have been striving hard to make it possible. However, for now I am happy as SEtalks.com has made phenomenal progress within the past couple of months and I think with the time I will be able to make it something I can be proud off.

Service Provider:

This is the 6th year for me in the SEO industry. I have already worked with different agencies, in-house, remote, and freelance and now I guess it was the time to make a BIG move. So I did it and I have started with providing very limited SEO services that includes Guest Blogging and Full SEO services.

The response is exceptional and as Tad Chef said in one of his post, “by now he has so much work to do that you rarely see him on social media at all”.

Main Blog SEOmoz:

SEOmoz is the name that needs no introduction, and ofcourse you all are aware of YouMoz already. One of my initial targets was to contribute on Youmoz such that it can be moved up to the Main Blog.

Although i did this back in 2011 already but it was an interview with one of my favourite celebrities in the search community. This time my plan was to write a post that is actionable for people and awesome enough to hit the main blog. I got lucky and both of my posts (1,2) that I wrote one after another hit the main blog of SEOmoz.

Industry Friends and PEERs:

SEO community is very helpful as compared to other related industries I have ever interacted with in the past. This community’s help proved to be phenomenal for me in 2012 and it really played a great part in my growth. I made new friends and my overall circle of folks increases massively. Here are few of the remarkable folks who made 2012 really special for me.

It starts from Julie Joyce, Gianluca Fiorelli, Ann Smarty, Alessio Madeyski, Don Rhoades, Tad Chef, Mike Essex, Irish Wonder, Gaz Copeland, Sujan Patel, John-Henry Scherck, Cyrus Shepard, Dan Sharp, Michael J. Kovis, Nick Eubanks, Peter Attia, Wayne Barker, Jon CooperJoel K, Se▲n, Kevin Gibbons, Jason Acidre, Neil Walker, Himanshu, Barry Adams, Martin Macdonald, Stacey Cavanagh, Yousaf, Gabriella Sannino, Shaun AndersonPete Handley.

There must be many names that I might have missed but I am really thankful to each and every one of them for making my year more special.

Local Brains I found in 2012:

I am living in a country where SEO is highly misunderstood, people talk about links, and Meta tags and consider it a complete SEO. In a country where SEO education is very necessary I feel this as my core responsibility to guide locals with reference to SEO and problems they are facing in their day to day activities.

I had chat sessions throughout 2012 but few people who amazed me with their ideas and knowledge they have when it comes to digital marketing and SEO are Rishadullah Shaikh and Dani Zehra.

Personal Progress:

One of the major changes that I made in the beginning of 2012 was to move from single status to Engaged. It was a BIG decision but I am glad that I did that.

My Plans for 2013:



This is going to be another important year for me and I have already plan quite a few things in my personal as well as career life.

Here are the highlights of few of the things that I really wanted to work on in 2013

  • Continue to work on SETalks.com Blog and make it something that readers and I can proudly recommend to others when someone is looking for relevant information.
  • Offer few more services to clients who are looking for better online visibility and branding in the online world.
  • Work on Public Speaking as well as writing.
  • Growing further will allow me to increase team and My idea is not to offer job but opportunities that allow individual to grow with the growth of SETalks.com
  • Continue to increase SETlaks.com’s credibility and authority on different platforms.
  • Attend at least 1 SEO conference held in 2013.
  • Get Married.


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