SEO Interview with the Screaming Frog guy, Dan Sharp

Screaming Frog guy, Dan Sharp

I once Interviewed Don Rhoades and undoubtedly his answers were really amazing. The response I received from that interview encouraged me to reach out to other fine brains in the SEO industry and ask some uncommon questions so that my readers and I can get something new and valuable information out of it.

Today, I am interviewing a person whose work speaks for him. He might not be a known name to you but if you are going to count the

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Quick Things to Consider when creating Seasonal Content

seasonal content

We always talk about evergreen content and why it is important. Clearly, there is no problem with undying topics and every brand should actually spend their time and money on creating such content. This piece by Jon Cooper is the finest example of everlasting content.

Although, evergreen content is important, fundamental and a real need for brands who want to stay longer in the digital marketing world, but today we are not here to discuss this but instead we are going

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The Rule of Social Proof and Its Usage by Digital Marketers

social proof

I am trying to cover each principle by Robert Cialdini that he explained in his book Influence: Science and Practice. This is the third article of the series in which we are going to talk about social proof, and also how digital marketers and SEOs can benefit from it.

Many big and small brands take advantage of the power of social proof in formulating and implementing their business strategies and tactics. Later on in this post I will discuss in detail

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When to send Email to get a better rate of response

when to send email

SEO is a team game, successful SEO campaign should have a great content player to write creative content, an outstanding killer outreach person to build relationship with the targeted audience and perfect social media strategist to deal with the social challenges.

The job of an outreach person is very important because if he is a lose end in the team, all the efforts of the team can go waste. An ideal outreach person should know how to craft an email to

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The Commitment and Consistency Rule for Digital Marketers

Commitment and Consistency Rule

In our capitalist economy, businesses aim to increase their sales in order for profit maximization. To reach their desired goals, they focus their marketing energies on those channels which reap them the highest ROI. Digital marketers use those strategies and tactics which are suitable to convert browsers into definite buyers.

In order to boost your conversions and to persuade your target audience to choose you, we need to understand the 2nd principle of Robert B. Cialdini’s 6 principles of persuasion that

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